Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Swedish lessons.

Determine the thing that can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.

- Abraham Lincoln

Hi and Happy March 1. I feel like this month is going to be longer, maybe by a few days lets say ummm 3 more days then February. What do you think?

So this morning, I woke up with a new lease on life. Today I begin my Swedish lessons. For real, on my own, at home. Its a long and complicated story, but basically it seems to be the only way to do it for now, later as I progress and get better, I will find a tutor and spend time having conversational Swedish just to better myself. The great thing here is that

1) I taught English to German kids so I know how to begin teaching a language

2) I have a lot of free time

3) its inexpensive thus saving me money (I told you, my bank account is hating and Lessons isn't in the 2011/2012 Budget)

The plan is to get up in the mornings and after breakfast and my exercises, shut myself off for 2 hours and learn Swedish. No worries, I have a book, CD, dictionary and the internet to help me. Besides, at this moment, I don't want to be fluent, I just want to be able to converse. And hear some good gossip. And eavesdrop on one sided cellphone conversations (don't act like you don't do it when you know a foreign language). And follow when I am watching a Swedish film......ok, early morning cartoon, but I hear thats how many people learn a new Language.

Also, I am back to my Pilates and Yoga.

Actually, I also decided, that since 2000, I have been fat, chubby, thick, large __________ (insert whatever word you would like) so now its on. Its 2 months and 25 days to my 29 birthday and I want to be healthier and Thinner. Its unacceptable to me to be big any longer. Before I didn't mind, I would lose here and there, but since my last fast, I have managed to keep the weight off, so now, I am serious. I currently weigh 60 kg and I would like to be down to 50 maybe 48kg. So I have 2 months and 24 days (the last day is for cake and bubbly).

So its off to learn Swedish and do some ab/thighs/arms and cardio workout and then take my before pictures. I would take my before pictures before I actually start anything, but that would de-motivate me, therefore, I will just take them after my workout. It may defeat the purpose, but it is what it is. I do things my own way.

Look out world, a thinner Swedish Speaking Queen is emerging.

Love, Blessings and no more cinnamon buns.

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