Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Dance, movement, my song.

I feel it,
every time, I walk
its in the wind, it blows softly
like, my kisses

I dance to it,
everytime, the sun shines,
she smiles to me,I
enjoying my movements.

I breathe it,
everytime the rain falls
upon my window, telling me secrets only
I know

I embrace it
everytime, a women walks my way,
with a certain swagger from her hips
telling me, she is ready for the gift

I smell it,
everytime I am in a garden
and the flowers open to me
giving me the sweet scent

I enjoy it,
everytime, a man, who knows who he truely is
walks along side me

I love it
Because I know,
as long as I am alive
I am, ME.

Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by its breathtaking moments.

- Michael Vance

New Changes

'Man changes by growth, not by magic' Timberline W. Riggs

Somehow, I cant seem to log into my old blog, so I have decided to incorporate that blog and this new one. I will still continue to write poetry, but will also add some photography, some fashion, my travels, recipes and of course crossing off items of my bucket list.

Two of the biggest changes to date, is that I have moved continents again. After living in Vienna for 8 years, I moved to Abuja, last year. Have been here for almost 9 months now, but I am feeling the itchy feet again, so I could be making another move soon.

My second change, is that 2 years ago I did the Big Chop, basically that means I shaved my head. I really did, 3 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first time, was such a shocker that after a while, I really needed (or thought I needed) a relaxer, so I went back, to my relaxer ways. The second time, my hair didnt grow back the way I wanted, so I chopped it off again. So now here I am, with a cute fro, and no products.........

Its very hard to get natural products here in Nigeria, and trust me, I have tried. Also, it seems many companies are reluctant to send anything via the postal services here, so its hard to get anything shipped to me, but I am a sister that always makes a plan.

As for now, I just wash my hair with normal shampoo, condition it and also deep condition it with hair mayonnaise ( I don't think its a natural hair product, but at this point its all I could get) and then I keep my hair cornrowed. I haven't had a hair cut since December, but thus far my hair is about to my ears. Am not sure about the type thou, I think I am somewhere between a 3c/4a, am still trying to figure that out. Or something like that.

So will definitely keep you updated about my natural hair journey as well.

Be Blessed,
give Love and be Loved
afterall, thats all
we all really want