Monday, February 28, 2011

My Tell All......

A bad book is as much of a labor to write as a good one, it comes as sincerely from the author's soul.

- Aldous Huxley

Hi and good morning.

I was pretty busy last week therefore I didn't get to post anything, but will be adding a new addition to my blog. I have noticed some seriously cute and quaint (I love this word!!!!!) stores in Stockholm, so I have decided since A) my bank account is hating and B) I carry my camera around at all times, never know, there may be a bank robbery and I could be called as a witness and just at that particular moment, I have my camera with me or better still, I see a Famous person, either way, the camera comes in handy. So I will be going window shopping and taking photos just for you, me and my Vision Board. So ya, keep waiting for that one.

Now, back to the reason for this post.

Last year, I started writing my novel because I had some bright fabulous idea and well everything was going great, until I realized that my characters are boring and lead such crap lives. I mean, my life is way more exciting then what I was writing. So I decided to put that on hold, until my imagination gets itself on track. So in the mean time, it got me to thinking, I lead a pretty colorful life, I mean, IF I WERE to write a TELL ALL I would have everything from Sex (not me but other persons who have spoken way to much about their private lives), Drugs (not me, but yeah, some persons have said way more than they should have), Strippers, Violence, English Pubs and pies (every good book must have a Steak and Kidney pie storyline at the very least) as well as international travel, dodgy persons and so much more (small kids that will, in a few years be on a MTV reality show - boy my teaching days are a complete trilogy by themselves).

Of course I would have to use a Pseudonym as well as change names to protect the stupid and not so innocent and a few blonds (its surprising how many blonds I know that I could write about). I mean, I wouldn't plaster my picture at the back of my book for obvious reasons, My Mama and my family might not be so impressed with my shenanigans, my friends would physically hurt me and other people who know people (who wouldn't want to get their hands dirty) would also cause bodily harm to me. I could add that also, you know...... as a Posthumous book. Possible suspects to my suspicious death. Then I wouldn't change ANYONES name!!!!!!!!!!

This is an idea.

I am off to ponder more as well as see how best to protect myself against harm and lawsuits. My budget does not include lawsuits. Not in the financial year of 2011/2012 anyways.

Love. Blessings and A Lawsuit free First Novel.

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