Friday, February 18, 2011

X-Rays and Foot and Leg pictures With blue Nail polish.

I can be changed by what happens to me, but i refuse to be reduced by it.

- Maya Angelou

Happy Weekend Everyone,

So I was looking through my old X-rays, because I need to go do new tests, to see what actually has been going on for Real with my bones and my hips. These X-rays were done a few years ago 5 or 6 years, but basically, I didn't have them done to often because until now nothing changed.

Sorry for the picture Quality, its the best I could do, I had to ask my brother to take these shots.

So this first one, is the back of my legs. The issue is of course the left leg/ foot. Thats what I need to stretch out so that they are both the same.

Ok, so ummm, its not easy taking a photograph of an X-ray, believe me. This was taken 5/6 years ago. What you should be looking at, is the Left bones and the right bone. See the Difference? In actual fact, there is nothing to connect the left leg to the body, whereas the right leg is connected via the hip.
Here is a better shot, but now it on the opposite angle. My right leg is on the left of this shot and my left leg is on the right of this X-ray. I didnt realize I had turned it round until After I took the shot, but its the best I could get.
My left foot again, and now you can see, that one leg is on the ground (actually its a step) and the other isn't.
This is very very very bad, because, the front of my foot (meaning my toes) reaches the ground before the rest of the foot, so I need to constantly monitor my leg to make sure the Whole foot reaches, otherwise, its like taking 10 steps forward and 8 back.

So, yeah, that's basically, what I have been dealing with. I must say, the difference used to be a whole lot before. At one point it was 7 cm. And then it stayed 5cm difference for many years. I know most people wouldnt really understand what I mean about my leg issue so I will try to explain.

A problem like this means, that firstly, my spine isn't straight, so threw the years my spine has kind of shifted/curved.
Secondly, the leg which is normal, does have a lot of strain put on it, also in the X-ray, you notice, its bigger/fatter/thicker, than the left side.
Another problem, is that because there is *no hip* connecting the left leg, it pains A Lot. A whole lot, its a pain, that comes and goes, but in winter it hurts like nothing I can describe.
Also, my feet are small, but the left foot is much smaller than the right foot, so before when I used to go shoe shopping, I would have to buy 2 pairs, one for the left and one for the right. In the end I just always bought a big size for school which was boys camping boots and in summer some random sandals. I hated shoe shopping anyways, people staring at me and limited choices!!!!!! Until Now that is.

So, what I need to do, is somehow, stretch out the remainder. And go for new X-rays and see how this has affected my whole body. Check how my spine is holding up and how my hip is doing. And basically just do a complete body x-ray, just to know exactly whats going on.

So thats it. Have a fabulous weekend.

Love, Blessings and Blue Nail Polish


  1. I know you wrote this back in 2011, but by the miracle of Google I found this post. I have very similar problems, and I find it almost a relief to know that I'm not the only one going through these things!!! I'm only 18, but have been undergoing tests at the hosp. and doctors since I was 13. I hope things are better for you now? I'm certainly hoping things will start to look better for me too.
    Much love,

    Kirstie, UK

    1. Hi, wow, am glad you found this post. At 18 am sure you can go further with your tests than I did. One thing I learned during my time in India was to stretch the leg with Yoga and Pilates and do gentle exercising with both legs. But get your doctors permission first. Please let me know how you are doing.


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