Sunday, May 29, 2011

Taking a break...

Hi all,
I haven't forgotten you guys, but trying to log onto blogger and trying to post and put up pictures is giving me a headache and really getting to me, so I think, I will take a break until I return to Sweden and try posting from there. However, I see I aint the only one having hassles, so I am sure y'all will understand.

No worries, I will be back in Stockholm, next week Saturday, so its only a week left then its back to my regular scheduled programming lol.

Blessings, Joy and Peace

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy 29th Birthday to Moi!!!!!!

'Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world'
- Author Unknown
Hi all

So I woke up to a Finnish/English Birthday song and tons of messages from my friends, family and ex- boyfriends (two remembered). So after dolling myself up, I hit the town for a little shopping and am now just getting ready for a wonderful meal with the lovely people I am living with whilst on this trip..... Pictures will be up shortly. For now, I am about to get a glass of some bubbly, listen to the radio (we are getting a Namibian radio station via the internet) so its great to hear music from back home. Got my dancing shoes on and I look cute........ Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings, Love and Celebrations.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Day before.....

'And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years'.
- Abraham Lincoln

Hi All

So I know everyone is waiting for pictures but just bare with me a little longer, they are coming..... I just wanted to put a little something something before tomorrow. You know celebrate my last day as 28 year old, dont get me wrong I dont feel bad about getting old(er) except for the new grey hairs I found, but I got something for those babies.......... I actually like getting older because, firstly, I dont look it. And since I am short, most people think I am in my early 20s and late teens (Thank You Nigeria - I honestly think if any women feels bad about her age go to Naija, you will be guareenteed to be much younger.....) and I feel a lot younger than my years, but I am a whole lot wiser.......

So what have I accomplished in 28 years:
1) Published my own Poetry in South Africa
2) Moved to a different continent
3) Lived on my own
4) Worked as a teacher in a foreign country
5) Met Michael Jackson (in Namibia)
6) Met Nelson Mandela (in Namibia)
7) Entered in a beauty contest and made it to the top 10.
8) Almost finished my degree (thats a post by itself lol)
9) Had my heart broken ( and I got through that very well)
10) Started my own blog..... and am continuing with it......
11) Worked as a television presenter for a children's programme
12) Worked for a radio station as an on-air presenter
13) Worked for a youth newspaper as a columist
14) Tried, tried, tried and tried to get my driver's licence ( we dont know eachother well enough for a post on that one......) But I can drive and park and reverse, its the system ya'll, They are trying to keep a sista away from getting hers.
15) Got a yellow belt in Tae Kwon do (am going for that Black belt - watch this space)
16) Traveled around ( Berlin, Bratislava, In Austria, Abuja, In Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, London and Helsinki ----- more to add)
17) Painted and took part in a art exhibition with an installation I did with bits and bobs from a refuge dump).....
18) Walked without built up shoes - something I have done for my whole life

There are more, I just cant think of them....... Good friends, great family, wonderful people that have come through my life and left a mark and so forth......

I look forward to the next phase of my life......... A lot more living to do...... So here's a toast to a great 28 years to Moi.

Blessings. Joy and Celebrations.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am in Finland!!!!!!!!!

'You've got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there'.
- Yogi Berra

Hi all

Ok, so this week I will be blogging from Helsinki as well as Hyvinkää, Finland!!!!!!! I will be here for about 2 weeks, so expect tons of pictures, places of interest, some shopping [shoes anyone?] and everything inbetween. Ohhhhhh did I mention its my birthday in a few days? I will be 29 years young on the 25 of May, so yep that also to look forward to.

Peace, Love and Finland

Friday, May 20, 2011

Another adventure!!!

Hi everyone
So I know this Week was very lacking in posts but please just bare with Me, as I am currently typing I am also packing a Little suitcase because Bruno and I are off again. Tomorrow I Will be in a different Capital city.

Blessings, Joy and Flight plans

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sharing my Hair Journey

Hi and Good Morning

So, I came back from a long day of hanging out with my sister (which is why there is a lack of posting - she is leaving on Friday for the summer and we are trying to spend as much time together as possible) to find I have new comments and new followers, which is totally cool because they saw my big bald head on curlynikki!!!!!!! A blog that has truly inspired me and taught me more about just hair. So, hello to all the people passing through here, Thank You very much for taking your time to check out my little spot in the blogsphere!!!!!!!!!

Here is a link to curlynikki, in case you would like to walk down memory lane with me.

To my new followers, my blog is basically about me, my hair journey, living in a new country and the experiences and challenges that come with that, my leg ( I 'used' to suffer from a medical condition which had resulted in one leg being shorter than the other and no hip joint - but now my leg has grown and I started wearing proper normal shoes for the first time in my life this year - so there are a few posts about shoes), there's Nico/Rocco/Bruno and Desi ( those are my camera's and phone - I am a namer (I like to name stuff...... I can't explain it)) and everything else. Have a look around and feel free to comment and ask questions.

Peace, Blessings and New Beginnings

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet Chai Tea

'Tea is a cup of life'.
- Author Unknown

Good Afternoon everyone

Just a heads up, I figured out how to blog from my phone, so dont mind me, if now and again, you may see a few mistakes and whatnot, its just me, getting my technology on....Lol

So, I have a new favorite drink. I stumbled upon this drink during winter time here in Stockholm when I was walking around in the city and I stopped at the coffee shop (FYI there is no Starbucks here but there are coffee places though) so in me walks and I looked at the menu and asked for a Chai Latte (because I am gonna be honest, it looked English) and folks I was sold. But that stuff is hard on the wallet, so I went into my health food store and what does my eyes see?!!!! Sweet Chai Tea!!!!!! A box of 15 teabags (which is the price of one large mug at the coffee shop) so you know, I bought that right!!!????

Then I came home and got my YouTube on and figured out how to make the Chai Latte. I am telling you, a little education can do wonders!!!!! Anyways, now I just need to buy the thingie to make the milk frothy - but I need that cheap cheap, so that will have to wait a bit. Any ways, here is my new favorite tea.

The ingredients are: Ayurvedic Spice Infusion
Anise, Fennel, Liquorice, Cardamom, Black pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger and Cloves. Making this tea sweet and spicy and oh so aromatic. It smells divine. It just smells so good when you open the box which is sooooo pretty!!!!!!

At the bottom of the package is a Yoga pose - which I think is so cool.
Every teabag has an inspirational message, this one says - ' 'Fear not a narrow home, fear a narrow heart'.
I added some milk and more cinnamon to mine and I was set for the night. The packaging also gives you tips on how to make it so that the spices infuse longer.

Here is a link in case you want to know more and read up on Yogi Tea.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Yogi Tea. Actually, I am not affiliated with anybody !!!!!!!! I just wanted to share with you something wonderful and lovely, since I am also using Ayurvedic oils for my hair and skin, I thought this is another way to take better care of my body by drinking healthier drinks and eating healthier foods.

Blessings, Joy and Sweet Aromas

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Testing the phone

Don't mind me, just testing to see how this works.                                       
Blessings and Joy

Day 6 hair.

'Hair brings one's self-image into focus; it is vanity's proving ground. Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices' -Shana Alexander

Happy Sunday all

So this week, I redid my twist and curl, but instead decided to remain with just a two strand twist. I wanted them to last so I did these pretty small, kept them tied up and didn't do nothing with it and here are the results. I did my hair Monday night, so I am counting since Tuesday morning. Today my hair was looking a bit dry, so I spritzed it with water, added shea butter to the ends, Aloe Vera gel to my whole head and Argan oil to my scalp, edges and all over the hair. Onto pictures.

It seems that my hair is in layers.

Playing with the camera effects.

So the plan is to remain with this for another week, do a twist out and then re-twist. I think I may have found a summer style.

Blessings, Joy and Twists

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shoes for days!!!!!!!

'If the shoe fits, buy it in every color'
- Author Unknown


Its official ladies, I am in the running for the 2011 World record of most shoes (in my head). Anyhooooo, I bought some sweet little numbers for my feet. I figured, I have been pampering them, wore some sexy red nail polish so I needed new shoes to show off my gorgeous feet and here we have 'em. I gotta say it feels good getting shoes in my size even though some stores are hating on the petite sized feet......But I am at a Happy place in my heart, so I won't let that stop me. Onto pictures, because I wanna show them off ;-)

These go with almost any colour.

My new favorite shoes!!!!!!!

So yep, my shoe collection is growing and growing.

Blessings, Love and Red Nail Polish

Bag to Bag

'A women's mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, There is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you'.
- Billy Connelly

Good morning

So with Spring FINALLY here, I felt I should post about my little bags that I bought in London. These babies are cute, funky and small enough to carry a lot, including my wallet, camera, Ipod, keys, tissues, lip gloss (I never leave home without it) and chap-stick (lip ice)!!!!!!!!!! Yep, best bit about these babies they were ALL under £4 each at Primark. One even only cost me £2!!!!!! Introducing my summer bags.

My favorite one. Its my day to day bag.
This one I gave to my sister
I love the pattern on this bag.
This one I gave to my mother
So these are my little bags, hopefully, I will get some big bags also during summer. I am officially a bag lady!!!!!!! Hello world.

Blessings, Love and Bags

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Everyone should know about.......Bitter Leaf

'The only reason to give a speech is to change the world'
- John F Kennedy

Hi Everyone

So today's post is about Bitter Leaf, another marvelous plant I learnt about whilst living in Nigeria. So lets get to learning about this plant.

-The scientic name is Vernonia amygdalina and it is a leafy shrub or small tree that can reach over 20 ft when fully grown.
- It can grow anywhere
- Every part of the plant is bitter from leaves, roots and stems.
- has a high amount of zinc
- saponins
- glycosides
- alkoloids
- it is said to be anti malaria
- it is said to be anti cancerous
- it is said to be anti bacteral
- it is said to be anti parasite
- Useful in toning vital organs such as liver and kindey
- Great for diabetic patients as it lowers the sugar levels as well as said to repair the pancreas
- This leaf is used in herbal treatments for ailments such as fevers and vector borne diseases.
- The plant is great for menopausal women because it takes care of symtons such as hot flashes, and rheuratism.

How to use Bitter leaf
- In some African countries- Nigeria, Togo, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana - it is a major food vegetable.
- In Thailand (Chopoo) and Lao (E-lert) it is eaten raw, as soup or as salad
- It can be eaten raw or used to make a strong soup.
- adding honey to the tea takes away some of the bitterness
- also by boiling the leaves and making it into a soup also takes away some bitterness, or it can be added to another soups like spinach.

Other uses for Bitter leaf
- Some women in Africa rub the leave on breasts to wean babies off breast milk
- Other people use the seeds as an aphrodiasc
-Some people use the stem for dental hygiene

Bitter leaf can be bought in most African food shops and as well as Asian/Chinese shops. In Stockholm, there is a Chinese Bitter leaf.

So there you have it. Now you know a little bit more about Bitter leaf. Its an overall tonic that can be taken even if you don't suffer from any ailments.

Blessings, Peace and Learning

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My cool brother and my cool gift

'Apparently we love our own cell phones, but hates everyone else's'.
- Joe Bob Briggs

Hello all

So a few months ago, I told my brother in passing that my phone had seen its last days. It kept dying after I had just charged it, I would get sms's from days ago, it would switch on and off by its self. Basically, it was dying a slow painful death. And I was holding on for dear life.

Now, my brother he is a sweetheart - last week, he asked me if I wanted my gift now or later because it was a gift I need at the moment. How is a Queen suppose to answer that? So I told him, brother man, get to gettin' and he surprised me with a brand new phone!!!!!!!! I literally had tears in my eyes. I was firstly shocked that he remembered and secondly that he bought me such an extravagant gift........

Just a little tidbit - my momma raised us kids to always look around for a good bargain. Shop around and you will find something somewhere else cheaper or better. So when my bro was strolling in the mall, he came across a promotion on these phones. Before they were selling for 500 bucks and now had been marked down to 130 bucks (roughly converting from Swedish Kroner to US dollars). Nothing wrong with the phone, all brand new. Apparently, the shop had ordered too many and were now basically 'giving' them away. So My brother scored. Well actually we both did. He bought me the phone 2 weeks ago. This past Saturday we went back to the store to get another one and the original price had returned. So this was really a win.

htc Desire
This is mine

I love it!!!!!!!!
Now, we are all family here, so I am gonna let you know some things about me. I took typing at school, I didn't take computer class. Technology as a whole scares me. Its too advanced for me. It goes above my head.

I mean, I only got my first laptop last year at the age of 27 (it took me a while to figure out the Desktop. Heck I didn't even know that was a word. I thought it was just the Computer), I got my first cell phone at 20. Shoot, my first Ipod was this year February and I am still learning to figure that one out at almost 30. Don't nobody ask me about an Ipad. I am a pen and paper kinda girl. So when my brother gifted me this amazing gift, I Google'd it (honey child- I may not know a lot, but I know Google is your friend).

Here's what I learned about my new baby - Htc desire (which I named Desi).
- its a smartphone and an Android. ( Don't ask me - according to my brother, thats good)
- I can watch, record and load videos on YouTube on it.
- has FM radio
- a camcorder
- Flashlight (you know and I know, we all use our phones for this)
-Google search
- Mail
- Latitude,
- maps
- news
- search people
- voice recorder,
- PDF viewer,
- Navigation
-connect to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr
- has gps
-updates the weather constantly
-Google maps
- WiFi, Bluetooth and WiFi hot spot
-Digital compass
- 5 mega-pixel camera with face detectably capabilities
- Auto focus and flash (this I know from photography)
And a whole lot more.

Then I did more extensive research (basically I Google'd some more). I know about Apps from my Ipod (and my brother) . Thats Applications to add to your phone or Ipod. So I got me some cool apps (boy, this techno talk is to cool)

- I got Horoscopes - Just because I swear there is a Gemini out there living my life. Because I know I am not strolling along the ocean holding hands with my soul mate, whilst money is raining down on me and being the center of attention at work. Anyways, I like to keep up with Said Gemini. Her life is amazing.
- Spotify (its a music sharing website)
- Recipes (because I love to look at the pictures)
-Blogger (ummmmm because I had to)
- Butt, abs and arms workout
- brain memory trainer
- TripAdvisor
- Hangman and Tic Tac Toe (because, I need something from my youth to take into my old age)
-drinks recipes (because in the unlikely event, I am called upon to mix drinks at a fancy do, I want to know what to mix)
- Swedish, French and Tourist phrases
- Adobe Photoshop express
And more

And my personal favorite: Beauty tips
This app gives tips on hair, skin, makeup, nails and healthy nutrition.
Like this gem for skin:' Wash your face with coconut water, it will leave your face clear and gives you glowing skin'.

So along with my watch-ring and my phone. I am good to go. All I gotta do is live that Fabulous Gemini life!!!!!!!

Ohhh, I have added a link, in case you want to know more about htc- desire.

Blessings, Joy and Technology

Health Benefits - Aloe Vera

'Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity' .
- World Health Organisation

Good morning all

So recently I blogged about the benefits of Aloe Vera for hair and skin. But did you know that you can also greatly benefit from drinking it as well? Well, I didn't until my sister told me about it. So I did some research and here is what I found out......

- Aloe Vera gel contains 19 of the 20 amino acids needed by the body
- Aloe Vera gel contains group B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Folic acid
- Minerals found in Aloe Vera include calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, chromium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc as well as enzymes and sugars.
- Aloe Vera is known to be anti-inflammatory
- Aloe Vera stimulates Fibroblasts (which are specialized cells found in the skin that produce fibers such as collagen and elastin) to reproduce faster - thus aiding in healing wounds
- Aloe Vera Gel provides nutrition to feed the basal cells - thus skin is healthy
- It is said that drinking Aloe Vera Juice (gel) regulates weight and energy levels
- It aids in a healthy digestion - its good for the digestive tract
- Its good for dental health and hygiene
- Supports the immune system
- Improves skin
Many more benefits.

Overall, Its great!!!!!!!! So here is what I got.

I started with one of these.

This is the consistency of the Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel. Its the one I have started drinking.

I ain't gonna lie, the taste was sourish (I guess its an acquired taste that I will have to acquire huh), so I topped it with Orange juice - I plan on drinking in the morning and at night, I will pour a small amount into my glass and top with juice. OK, so I got the stuff to drink, now what am I hoping to gain from this drink....
1) Great skin
2) Regulate my 'situation' - I really don't want to get into what 'situation' (I hope you all get me)
3) If it helps with weight loss, then Its solid gold for me.
4) Dental health and dental hygiene is a plus (I am an ex smoker- so this here will come in handy).

Overall, I am moving in a new direction with my body, skin and hair. A more natural way of living. So I am hoping this will greatly improve in all areas - hair, skin, nails and the inner workings in my body.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Forever Living. Actually, I am not affiliated with anybody !!!!!!!! Also, please note everything, I test and try out, I firstly do my own research and come to my own conclusion. Please do not take my word as law. All this stuff is new to me too. I am no expert - shoot I had to Google and Wikipedia some of those big words. Boy, if only my science , biology and sports teachers could see me now. They would be so proud.

Here are links to help you learn more about Aloe Vera.
Forever Living (only because this is what I am drinking)

Peace, Light and Sharing

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

'Mother's love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved' .
- Erich Fromm

Here's to all the Mother's out there.....
And some....
This is a picture of my mommy. Her eye color changes from green, to brown to yellow with specks of green in it. Its so cool to watch her face sometimes. Her eye color changes almost every minute. Its like a mood ring.
Peace, Blessings and Mothers.

Friday, May 6, 2011

And it tells the Time!!!!!!!!

'Sisters are different flowers, from the same garden'
- Author Unknown

Hi again,

My darling sister got me an early Birthday Gift - I turn 29 on the 25 of May (which is also Africa Day). So she bought me this cute ring which doubles as a watch because you know........ I ain't never on time and I use my cell to know what time (and sometimes day) it is (but doesn't everybody?). I love it because it so cute firstly and its totally me. I just screams out my name. Plus I just love checking out the time on it. Here is my little gem......

I love gifts that are practical and completely show off my personality. Something that someone went into a store and said wow 'Now that is Totally ...... insert name here.

Ohhhhh, in case you were wondering if this was the only gift, little sis is getting me, the answer is No. She is getting me something for my real real Birthday. I mean she has toooo (I am almost off the calender---- slowly making my way) besides
1) she is a follower, so hint hint wink wink (just joking......)
2) Her birthday is coming up later in the year (this would count greatly towards her unwrapping) Whether she will receive 1 or 2. (just joking again.....)

Me just sayin.......... I kid, I kid.

Love, Joy and Sisters

Two Strand twist and curl - revisited

'Hair style is the final tip-off, whether or not a women really knows herself'
- Herbert de Givenchy , Vogue July 1985

Ok, so I really wanted to retry the two strand twist and curl ( I washed my hair and then twisted with a leave in conditioner and my Castor Oil infusion and Shea Butter at the ends. Then I used straws and bobby pins to curl the ends)

Now the pictures below are day 5 hair.
So I am really really happy about it. I have yet to re twist or even oil my scalp. Its not dry or itchy. Its just perfect. My night time routine is wrap my hair is a scarf and go to sleep. In the mornings I just fluff it out and I am good to go. I Am totally loving this style for a couple of reasons
1) Low Maintenance
2) I can do different styles with it e.g tie it back with a head band, bun it, Mohawk, half up & half down and an up do.
3) I seems easy to redo - just re twist the hairs that need twisting.
4) Its a protective style, in a way, that its off my shoulders and if I don't want to brushing up against my clothes then I do an up do or tie it in a bun on top of my head.
5) Its cute!!!!!!!!!!! Important factor this one.......

So I guess, I will remain with this style for a while and alternate with cornrows, wash 'n go's and maybe braid my hair towards the end of summer will see how Autumn is. For now, this is my go to style.

Joy, Love and All Things Hair

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Special part 1

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.

- Elizabeth Foley


So remember when I went to London and stayed with my very good friend of 17 years? Well she and her sister came here for the weekend and I showed them a bit of Stockholm. So on Friday night we went to the Ice Bar here is Stockholm. FYI Absolut Vodka comes from Sweden. So off we went to get out party on in a -5 degree bar. We Namibians, we go hard like that.

We doned capes, gloves, paid our entrance and were ushered in. Then we and about +20 other tourists (I think) took pictures, waited for our drinks and danced. The music was great although it just goes to show how old I am or how sad I am. I didnt know one song from the next. I mean, there were teenagers (older than 18) and old folks all dancing and singing to the music and your's truly didnt even know one singer or song. Gone are the days of just being able to know the song from just the first few beats. Anyhooooo our little party lasted for 40 minutes and then we all were ushered back out and then next group went in. Then we went out for a bit and just walked around until we came home.

Come back for part 2...... But first here are pictures.

The bar
The drinks menu - first drink is included in the price
My drink - Icemolitian- yummyyyyyyy

Our three drinks
looks comfy, but its cold.
I am pretending to lick the ice- I really didn't. My face just looks like it came close.
Grinning because I am realizing that my butt might be getting wet.
Otherwise, it was a good night.

Ohhhhh, I am rocking a twist out from dry single braids that I had done in my hair for that week. They came out great. Even lasted through that weather!!!!!!!!

Blessings, Love and Vodka