Monday, February 7, 2011

And then I cried......

An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.

- Buddha

My gosh, February is almost over, I know I said dont stay tooo long but come on now!!!!!! February isnt even giving us a chance to say how you doing, I guess for 'All the Single Ladies' aka and myself, thats not a bad thing. That day needs to come and go quickly, but on to more important things.

Shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful Shoes!!!!!!

I decided last week, that I was going to pack all my built up ones away and only wear the normal types and since I didnt have winter shoes, on Monday, I went out and I bought myself a pair of boots. It was Heaven, walking into the store, knowing I didnt have to worry about the cut nor if I would need to return if it couldnt be cut. It was only, when I got home that I realized what I had just done. And then I cried. It was goood. It was a cleansing, sweet release of everything, I had been through and how I far I had come to get to this point in my life. I don't think, I will ever be able to full express what I am going through, but Its as close to Pure Bliss as I can imagine. I really have no actual words to really convey what is going on in my life right now.

I am not at the finish line yet, don't get me wrong, the leg hasnt stretched out completely, but I decided that me still wearing the old shoes, was imprisoning my mind into thinking, I couldn't go all the way, and even though for now, I am walking with a limp, that doesn't bother me. (I have always walked with a limp anyways-plus I told myself thats only temporary), The point was to get myself to a place where I know, this will happen for me and I need to start living like it is happening right now. Besides, walking with these shoes is in a way stretching the leg, so there, I get my exercise in, either way.

Now lets talk about my new babies. I needed something strong and beyond everything. So I found these Bad A.. shoes (excuse the French), and they just shouted out my name. I swear, I feel like a Rebel wearing these boots. They look Fierce, Powerful and Take no prisoners. When I wear them, which is every day since I bought them I feel like I can do anything.

My Bad Mama Jama Shoes
These are not your typical lady like shoes, honey.

For now, I am sticking to flats, but rest assured, come summer time, we will be in high heels, you can take that to the bank!!!!!!!!

So, my little shoe collection is growing day by day, I saw another pair that had my name on them, but my bank account is hating at the moment. Its all good though, One day, I my bank account and my shoe collection will be as one and When that fateful day comes we all Shall Celebrate. Or I will celebrate and I will let you all know about it.

Blessings, Love and the ever expanding shoe collection.

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