Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye January and Hello February!!!!!

We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.

- Louisa May Alcott

Hi all.

So its the last day of January and I am gearing up for February already lol. Its the month of Love and all things Lovely, so I am excited to see what happens on the 14!!!!!!!!! As for me, I am currently working on some stuff - hush hush, all will be revealed soon, just keep your fingers crossed for me.

Apart from that, I just finished a 4 day Juice fast, so I am very ready to get my body back into proper shape and as for the leg and foot, I have decided, to wear normal shoes and stretch the leg out by exercising - doing Pilates and Yoga and seeing how that works out for me. I also decided that I am no longer wearing the other shoes, if I am going to do this then I should do it properly. So I am off to buy my first pair of boots for my feet. I am very excited about this well because it means, I don't have to worry about whether or not it will have to be built up or not. I just have to worry about how cute it looks and what colour to choose, what style and how high, how low, I think you get the idea here lol.

Below. are just a few pairs of shoes that I am keeping an eye on, when I hit the Lotto or if they fall out of a moving truck, right outside my home in my correct size and color (I am just saying, IF that WERE to Happen ). Either way, I will be one very happy lady.

Manolo Blahniks Fringed ankle boots

Gianmarco Lorezi Boots
Burberry Prorsum Aviater shearling boots

Jimmy Choo Camel boots

And my personal favourites - Dolce Vita Tatum. These will look so cute on me.

Moving on, last week I did the 2 strand twist, but its coming out and beginning to loc and thats not what I want, (it was great while it lasted and I did love how it looked like but for now, will try it again at another time), so because I am at the moment Financially challenged (hoping to change that this week) I am going to braid my own hair. Yep, I will watch Youtube and Learn. I must. you never know, if I do it really well, that could be my side hustle hahahhahahaha. Also, I need to get a move on and start crossing things off my Bucket list!!!!!!!!! So Welcome February, make yourself at home, but remember, don't get tooooo comfortable, you ain't staying that long.

Blessings, Light and Love

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hair update!!!!!

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

- Mary Engelbreit

Finally, a hair update, I know I am very late with this, but the leg and foot has me very busy. Anyways, Its been 1 year and 1 month since my last Big Chop (I have had 3 in a span of 2 years) and I just cant believe how GORGEOUS my hair is!!!!!!!! And I cant believe the color as well, in proper light, its almost reddish/darkish brown with black undertones. Very fascinating, to me at least. So, I finally got some Shea butter( raw and unrefined) as well as a Shea butter moisturizer.

On January 4, my sister cornrowed my hair and I had it in that style until January 25, When I took them out, washed, conditioned and applied Amla oil, Shea moisturizer and Shea butter to the ends. Then it was off to bed, and this morning, I decided to do my first 2 Strand Twist. I refreshed my hair with water and Jasmine hair oil and then got to twisting and at the ends I applied the Shea butter again.

Below are some of the pictures I took. The only not there is the picture of the Jasmine oil. I completely forgot to take a picture.

Only 2 rows left, yeah!!!!!! Check out the thickness!!!!!!! I had 12 rows to start with and by this time, I was tired and grumpy. I just wanted to get under the shower and be done.

Garnier Fructis - Strengthening conditioner, it has 3 kinds of oils in it. Shea, Olive and Avocado.

Garnier Fructis - Strengthening conditioner, Active fruit Concentrate.
Raw Shea Butter, apparently it was the last container in the store. It was sold out pretty fast. My mom was lucky enough that she bought a larger tub for her self and got me this one smaller one.
My tried and trusted Amla oil. I have been using this product for years. Found an Indian store, where I can get some more, when this bottle runs out.
My hair, washed and with out products. Sorry for the blurry vision.
My hair with product. Not so much shrinkage.

Shredding, but its a lot less, then when I first started!!!!!
My first Twist!!!!!!
Top of my head lol. The twists at the front are much bigger/thicker than those at the end, back of my head, thats because my hands got tired and I just wanted to be finished. But it came out great!!!!!!!

Some outtakes, cant figure out how to delete these. I guess, these shots really want to be in on this post!!!!!

Its not one of my favorites yet, but thats me, no eyeliner, or gloss. or Plucked eyebrows for that matter. Summer needs to start and soon. Or I need some male attention.
To shiny for my liking, but check out my little product Junkie-ism in the corner. Most of that are hair and skin products.

The shampoo I used. Its from Garnier Fructis. And it was only after I got home that I realized it said Nordic Hair Care on the front. But hey, I wasn't about to waste money, plus is has Wheat Extract and its so soft and lovely. Actually, I may consider buying it again. Why change a formula that seems to be working is what I say.

So the plan, is to stick to what seems to be working for me right now. I will keep the twists in as long as I can and then either cornrow or re-twist or maybe braids again. As for products, the only things I really want is Henna and a leave in Conditioner.

Thats it for now.

Blessings and Love

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Budding Shoe Fashionista!!!!!

Celebrate what you've accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.

- Mia Hamm


So, just a little background to today’s post. I was born premature and after a mishap with my doctors at my birth I developed HIP DYSPLASIA (link to read about).

Anyways, my left foot was shorter than the right one and so I had to wear a special built up shoe. I couldn’t walk barefoot and the choices of shoes were very Very Very limited. I also underwent numerous operations to either correct the ‘defect’. So for the past 28 years, I have basically been wearing shoes that always needed to be built up and could never be just free and loose because my foot wouldn’t reach the floor. I was also told by doctors, family members and lovely school mates AKA bullies that this was it for me and would never change.

Until Now.

I am lucky enough, that I have always believed in myself and known that things would be different for me. So whatever anyone said would go in one ear and out the other. And Thank Heavens I believed that way, because for the last few years, my left leg and foot which I was led to believe would never grow has been growing. So much so, that every year for the last 6, my build up part has been less and less. So last year, around May/June 2010, I realized that I could actually touch the ground with my feet and could walk barefooted for a few minutes, I EVEN dared myself to wear normal shoes which I found that were just one size to big, but YES, it was done. So Now its 2011 January, and it has come to my attention that I basically have about 1, 5 cm to go before I can say goodbye FOREVER to those shoes.

It fills me with absolute joy to know, very soon, I will be able to wear all the shoes that I couldn’t – side note, shoes that need to be built up are different from normal shoes, the have o be cut at the bottom and then the added part must be attached and then the bottom can be reattached. It’s a process, because not all shoes can be cut. So shoe shopping was very difficult for me and also just to make it more exciting, I have small feet. Like really small feet. I basically wear the highest size from the kiddies section, meaning my choices were pink with butterflies or fairies or princesses or boys shoes. So, half the time I opted for boys shoes.

I have been waiting MY WHOLE life for this moment. I have been aiding this process now with stretching exercises as well as Yoga and Pilates and a lot of Praying!!!!!!! And I am almost at the finish line. It’s just there, waiting to push through. I have decided it’s a mind over matter at this point, because, I am still wearing the last shoes I had built up which was 6 months ago, and I can’t wear the normal sized shoes for long and I totally refuse to build new ones knowing that it’s just a matter of time, before I throw or give or donate the build ups. It’s so hard and wonderful knowing, I only have so much to go, but boy I am impatient. Waiting and time are not my friends.

However, in the anticipation of this miraculous moment and yes I do believe it’s a Miracle. I have new shoes, which I have been saving just for this very purpose. I even have money saved so that I can buy new shoes. You have to understand, normal shoes means everything from sandals, to High heels (I had to beg my Orthopedic doctor to build up special ones for me for my prom/matric farewell and that was 10 years ago), to Nike (most name brand sports shoes couldn't be cut up, so I never had a pair. Never had the joys of owning Nike, Adidas, Puma), boots – anything that didn’t have to be cut and built on was/is normal for me. Also another wonderful thing is that somehow, I can now wear a size 6/36 shoe and the choices are endless; believe me, more than it was 10 plus years ago. So I am very excited about going shoe shopping and buying, buying and buying. Imelda Marcos will have nothing on me, when I am done. I have even entered myself in shoe competitions!!!!!!!!

So below are just a few of the shoes, I have been saving for the big DAY!!!!!!! Sorry for the picture quality, had to use my brothers Iphone.

These ones below are my favs. I have had them for about 5 years now. Been waiting forever to wear them!!!!!I have a gorgeous white tunic and big hoop earring for these babies.

Its still snowing so I am really excited about these boots. The are the most recent, I got them last year from my parents.These cuties will have to wait until next winter, perhaps. I need to train my self in walking in high heels. Miss Jay or Mariah Carey need to give me private lessons!!!!!!!!
I have a cute summer dress for these babies.

These are health shoes, but they are so cute and so very comfortable.
My mini Imelda Wanna-be collection. Just the Start!!!!!!!So, watch this space and in case you hear about a women who went mad in a shoe store, screaming Mine ALL Mine and growling at other innocent bystanders and holding onto dozens of pairs of shoes as the security pulled her away. I DON'T KNOW THAT PERSON!!!!!!!!!

Blessings and Love and shoes, gorgeous shoes!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

What I miss most....... part 2 - Naija Edition

I know that my unity with all people cannot be destroyed by national boundaries and government orders.

- Leo Tolstoy

Hi all, so this morning, I woke up and playing on T.V was a Nigerian film and it got me thinking about Nigeria and what I miss about it. Firstly let me Proudly declare, I am the Namibian Queen of Jollof rice and now that I got my JOLLOF RICE SPICE all the way from Abuja, I am a very happy chica. So thats done. I didn't know much about Nigeria apart from what is commonly talked about - ummmmm corruption, money rituals, witchcraft, churches and internet scams - 419, so the first time I went to Abuja, I was a bit apprehensive and scared. It didn't help that what I read in the papers and heard from foreigners wasn't very assuring, but I did enjoy my 2 weeks there, so much so that I ended up going back and living in Abuja for 10 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, what I really liked about Abuja and Nigerians in general is their sense of Ubantu- which according to Wiki is an ethical concept of African origin and I really cant find another word to explain it unless you go there yourself and see what I mean. Also Nigerian are very friendly and so eager to learn, which is why you will find students in almost all Universities in the world. They want to learn and once they get an opportunity to do so, they do it Well, hence Nigerian lawyers, doctors, dentist and so much more.

Also, the food was so good, I mean wow, West African and Nigerian food in particular is so wonderful and delicious and takes a while to prepare but so worth it. So below is just some of the delicious meals that I had the pleasure of eating in Nigeria. Please note the food below is what I liked and tried, I didn't eat everything possible due to certain food allergies. I could only eat what I can.

So what I have below are my personal favorites which are Jollof rice, fried plantain (which Stockholm gets), pounded yam (which I learnt to do in Nigeria) and Suya (which my brother loved and I only tried once but it was good). I have also tried other foods such as okra (which I know from Zambia and wont eat unless forced), catfish (it really looks the way it sounds!!!!!!), fried chicken, greens such as spinach and some other that I cant remember now, and I learnt about such wonderful herbal medicines like Bitter leaf, Moringa and Aloe Vera (which I really didnt know much about till I got to Abuja). All in all my stay in Naija was amazing and I gained a good 10kgs there!!!!! Which is not a bad thing because it makes my bride price go up and shows that I am a women and have some good child bearing hips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I heard the bigger you are the more desirable you are!!!!!!!!!!

Well, so apart from the wonderful food and the lovely people, I also miss the markets!!!!!! Its a whole different world at the market place. The sounds, smells and vibrancy of the market is so typically African!!!!! I miss the fashion and the fabrics, I was lucky enough to have some wax print dresses made, so cant wait to wear them here in Stockholm (they are summer dresses).

Thats it, for now. But I will say this, Abuja and Nigeria hasn't seen the last of me. And as soon as I get time I will upload pictures and video clips that I took of the Durbar and Abuja Carnival as well of the buildings and places that I visited.

As for the Nigerian movies, I will just catch them on Youtube and hope the Africa channel shows more.
Blessings and Love

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What I miss most....... part 1.

For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hi all, so its a Saturday and it got me thinking of what I would have been doing had I been in Windhoek, Namibia. Well, after cleaning our house and making breakfast, I would have headed off to Maerua Mall and hung out with my girls or watching a movie or maybe I would have gone over to my grandma's and hung out with my family. Either way, the products below, would have been in the picture!!!!!!!!!!!! I really Really REALLY miss these yummy goodnesses!!!!!!!!!

I have added everything I love from Gem Sqaush, which is my all time Fav vegetable, to Hunter's dry and gold and Savannah (which I love to drink - I was lucky enough to find some Savannah in Vienna when I lived there) to my favourite sweets - Sour power Jelly tots (I live for the blue ones in my mouth). This winter I could use some Ouma rusks and nice Rooiboos Tea (which we do get here in Stockholm) as well as other lovely stuff that I will no doubt dream about tonight. Hopefully, I will make it to Windhoek this year and stock up!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

This too Shall Pass - French

I don't believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.

- Ken Venturi

Hey all,

So what a morning, I have been trying to get hold of my University to register for this year as well as get my results for last year's exams and well, I wrote 4 exams in October and November and I passed 2 and failed 2. I feel down about the 2 that I failed because, well with all my many many many years of studying, I have only ever failed twice, French during my first year and Mathematics during my time studying Business Consultancy. And well it sucks, a lot especially since I am not paying for my studies - The Bank of Mommy and Daddy is footing the bill and we all know how African mothers can be.

But such is life, will just let it go and move forward. Problem is, I am finishing my International Relations and Diplomacy degree and I need to learn a second language and the options given to me are French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish and Afrikaans. I really really REALLY want to learn and perfect French for the selfish reasons that I failed it before (and I refuse to let a language get one up over me) and dream guy is French and I want to be able to converse with him in his native tongue!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I don't have a guy yet, but in my mind he is French and I NEED to learn it- finished and Klaar)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Might, I add, I lived in Austria for 7 and a half years and I speak, understand and can express myself in German, but really what will that help me when my dream Husband (to be) is French and I live in Sweden but that is NOT the point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And the other options are not to my liking, though Italian is not soooooo bad, but I don't think my French husband (to be) will appreciate the fact that I speak Italian as well, German, Swedish and English are ok, but Italian?

What to do, what to do.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello, you looking for me?

There is no freedom like seeing myself as I am and not losing heart.

- Elizabeth J. Canham

So long

are you still looking for me?
Am I the same girl, you remember?
I grew up, you know.....

I learnt my lessons now,
can I go on living my own life now?
I am scared to walk out that door
am scared of what is out there
you protected me for so long

Every step seems like my first
every mistake, seems like my best
every error dries my thirst
it seems all I do is make a mess

my flesh, my skin, my own
its all me, isnt it?
This is who I am.
Is this what I look like?

My smile, my joy, my laughter
is that what that is?
this song, that plays in my heart
this medley thats starts with the beating of my heart
so sweet a sound, that I begin
Is that me?

These tears, so salty
so real, they come from me?
its been so long...
I forgot how good I am.
How great my voice sounds
my every flesh and pound
I am proud to say, this is me

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We have yet to meet .....

Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

- Bishop Desmond Tutu

Hi all,

So, I recently decided that I would be off Facebook for a month and lucky for me I still get notifications through my Hotmail. Just a bit of background to this story. I 'know' 'met' this women through a friend that I have and we began chatting and exchanging life stories and so forth. We both come from Namibia and know the same people, but since I left 8 years ago, my life went in a different direction. So, I told her that I was following The Secret and had minor successes, she told me that it worked beautifully for her. Anyways, I had recently bought The Power and when I was chatting with my new friend she mentioned that it wasn't yet available in Namibia and she couldn't wait to read it when it hit the bookstore, so without much thought, I offered her mine. I didn't know when or how I would get my copy to her, but I just said I will gift it to you. A few weeks later, someone from Sweden was flying home and I asked that she take my copy to my new friend down there and well this morning after 2 months of waiting for the book, my friend through Facebook sent me a message that she got it.

I am trying to think of what the point of this is, and I guess, its just basically, that I felt someone else needed something at a particular moment more than I. Someone who is far away and I have yet to even meet, yet through something as simple and beautiful as a book, I am forever linked. It just makes life much more wonderful all these little steps I took to 'meet' this women, buy this book (for my self) and send it to her, and yet in all respects she is a stranger, yet we are kindred Spirits. Life and God really does work in mysterious ways.

p.s I am not affiliated with The Secret team nor anyone from there, I just love the book and the message it gives.

Blessings and Love

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!!

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.

- Epictetus

Hi all, I hope thus far 2011 has been good to you. Well it has to me, I met some new people and decided a new way of life for my self. I basically decided to Let Go and let God into my life. I decided that I want a better relationship with my Creator and thus I will have Him on my journey.

Also, I decided to begin detoxing again but this time in the end move into a vegetarian lifestyle.

Also, I decided to stay off the social networking sites and the internet except for research and blogging. So if you don't see me on Facebook, now you know why, eventually, I will delete my account, but for the next month, I will not be on Facebook (and I dont have Twitter or other sites if there is anything apart from those lol).

What else?, Ohhhh my paperwork came through, so I can finally begin my Swedish courses and also my French. I am just waiting to hear from my Uni and see what happens this year with studies.

Plus, I can work YIPPEE for SKIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So money is mos def in my immediate future.

I am very excited about whats happening with and to me, I can wait to begin learning Swedish and French, as well as finding a job and becoming Financially Independent. And of course more photography, some paintings, some writing and TRAVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus all the other stuff on my bucket list.

So catch you soon.

Blessings and Love