Monday, January 17, 2011

What I miss most....... part 2 - Naija Edition

I know that my unity with all people cannot be destroyed by national boundaries and government orders.

- Leo Tolstoy

Hi all, so this morning, I woke up and playing on T.V was a Nigerian film and it got me thinking about Nigeria and what I miss about it. Firstly let me Proudly declare, I am the Namibian Queen of Jollof rice and now that I got my JOLLOF RICE SPICE all the way from Abuja, I am a very happy chica. So thats done. I didn't know much about Nigeria apart from what is commonly talked about - ummmmm corruption, money rituals, witchcraft, churches and internet scams - 419, so the first time I went to Abuja, I was a bit apprehensive and scared. It didn't help that what I read in the papers and heard from foreigners wasn't very assuring, but I did enjoy my 2 weeks there, so much so that I ended up going back and living in Abuja for 10 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, what I really liked about Abuja and Nigerians in general is their sense of Ubantu- which according to Wiki is an ethical concept of African origin and I really cant find another word to explain it unless you go there yourself and see what I mean. Also Nigerian are very friendly and so eager to learn, which is why you will find students in almost all Universities in the world. They want to learn and once they get an opportunity to do so, they do it Well, hence Nigerian lawyers, doctors, dentist and so much more.

Also, the food was so good, I mean wow, West African and Nigerian food in particular is so wonderful and delicious and takes a while to prepare but so worth it. So below is just some of the delicious meals that I had the pleasure of eating in Nigeria. Please note the food below is what I liked and tried, I didn't eat everything possible due to certain food allergies. I could only eat what I can.

So what I have below are my personal favorites which are Jollof rice, fried plantain (which Stockholm gets), pounded yam (which I learnt to do in Nigeria) and Suya (which my brother loved and I only tried once but it was good). I have also tried other foods such as okra (which I know from Zambia and wont eat unless forced), catfish (it really looks the way it sounds!!!!!!), fried chicken, greens such as spinach and some other that I cant remember now, and I learnt about such wonderful herbal medicines like Bitter leaf, Moringa and Aloe Vera (which I really didnt know much about till I got to Abuja). All in all my stay in Naija was amazing and I gained a good 10kgs there!!!!! Which is not a bad thing because it makes my bride price go up and shows that I am a women and have some good child bearing hips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I heard the bigger you are the more desirable you are!!!!!!!!!!

Well, so apart from the wonderful food and the lovely people, I also miss the markets!!!!!! Its a whole different world at the market place. The sounds, smells and vibrancy of the market is so typically African!!!!! I miss the fashion and the fabrics, I was lucky enough to have some wax print dresses made, so cant wait to wear them here in Stockholm (they are summer dresses).

Thats it, for now. But I will say this, Abuja and Nigeria hasn't seen the last of me. And as soon as I get time I will upload pictures and video clips that I took of the Durbar and Abuja Carnival as well of the buildings and places that I visited.

As for the Nigerian movies, I will just catch them on Youtube and hope the Africa channel shows more.
Blessings and Love


  1. MMMM! Yummy! Making me reminisce...of life at a different time. I've had Jollof rice, not from Nigerian friends though, but rather my Ghanaian bf at the time.
    Plantains, well they are a staple in my home! LOL! Had some boiled up to this morning *Smile*

  2. ahhhhhh Plaintains, I have never had them boiled though. Will give it a try. Jollof rice is the ish, I was lucky someone came from Nigeria and brought me some Jollof rice spice (He brought me 2 bottles) (I swear, every night I am in the kitchen literally making sure NO ONE else uses it But me). I should just hide it somewhere, but me being me, I would forget where.....


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