Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Budding Shoe Fashionista!!!!!

Celebrate what you've accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.

- Mia Hamm


So, just a little background to today’s post. I was born premature and after a mishap with my doctors at my birth I developed HIP DYSPLASIA (link to read about).

Anyways, my left foot was shorter than the right one and so I had to wear a special built up shoe. I couldn’t walk barefoot and the choices of shoes were very Very Very limited. I also underwent numerous operations to either correct the ‘defect’. So for the past 28 years, I have basically been wearing shoes that always needed to be built up and could never be just free and loose because my foot wouldn’t reach the floor. I was also told by doctors, family members and lovely school mates AKA bullies that this was it for me and would never change.

Until Now.

I am lucky enough, that I have always believed in myself and known that things would be different for me. So whatever anyone said would go in one ear and out the other. And Thank Heavens I believed that way, because for the last few years, my left leg and foot which I was led to believe would never grow has been growing. So much so, that every year for the last 6, my build up part has been less and less. So last year, around May/June 2010, I realized that I could actually touch the ground with my feet and could walk barefooted for a few minutes, I EVEN dared myself to wear normal shoes which I found that were just one size to big, but YES, it was done. So Now its 2011 January, and it has come to my attention that I basically have about 1, 5 cm to go before I can say goodbye FOREVER to those shoes.

It fills me with absolute joy to know, very soon, I will be able to wear all the shoes that I couldn’t – side note, shoes that need to be built up are different from normal shoes, the have o be cut at the bottom and then the added part must be attached and then the bottom can be reattached. It’s a process, because not all shoes can be cut. So shoe shopping was very difficult for me and also just to make it more exciting, I have small feet. Like really small feet. I basically wear the highest size from the kiddies section, meaning my choices were pink with butterflies or fairies or princesses or boys shoes. So, half the time I opted for boys shoes.

I have been waiting MY WHOLE life for this moment. I have been aiding this process now with stretching exercises as well as Yoga and Pilates and a lot of Praying!!!!!!! And I am almost at the finish line. It’s just there, waiting to push through. I have decided it’s a mind over matter at this point, because, I am still wearing the last shoes I had built up which was 6 months ago, and I can’t wear the normal sized shoes for long and I totally refuse to build new ones knowing that it’s just a matter of time, before I throw or give or donate the build ups. It’s so hard and wonderful knowing, I only have so much to go, but boy I am impatient. Waiting and time are not my friends.

However, in the anticipation of this miraculous moment and yes I do believe it’s a Miracle. I have new shoes, which I have been saving just for this very purpose. I even have money saved so that I can buy new shoes. You have to understand, normal shoes means everything from sandals, to High heels (I had to beg my Orthopedic doctor to build up special ones for me for my prom/matric farewell and that was 10 years ago), to Nike (most name brand sports shoes couldn't be cut up, so I never had a pair. Never had the joys of owning Nike, Adidas, Puma), boots – anything that didn’t have to be cut and built on was/is normal for me. Also another wonderful thing is that somehow, I can now wear a size 6/36 shoe and the choices are endless; believe me, more than it was 10 plus years ago. So I am very excited about going shoe shopping and buying, buying and buying. Imelda Marcos will have nothing on me, when I am done. I have even entered myself in shoe competitions!!!!!!!!

So below are just a few of the shoes, I have been saving for the big DAY!!!!!!! Sorry for the picture quality, had to use my brothers Iphone.

These ones below are my favs. I have had them for about 5 years now. Been waiting forever to wear them!!!!!I have a gorgeous white tunic and big hoop earring for these babies.

Its still snowing so I am really excited about these boots. The are the most recent, I got them last year from my parents.These cuties will have to wait until next winter, perhaps. I need to train my self in walking in high heels. Miss Jay or Mariah Carey need to give me private lessons!!!!!!!!
I have a cute summer dress for these babies.

These are health shoes, but they are so cute and so very comfortable.
My mini Imelda Wanna-be collection. Just the Start!!!!!!!So, watch this space and in case you hear about a women who went mad in a shoe store, screaming Mine ALL Mine and growling at other innocent bystanders and holding onto dozens of pairs of shoes as the security pulled her away. I DON'T KNOW THAT PERSON!!!!!!!!!

Blessings and Love and shoes, gorgeous shoes!!!!!!!!!

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