Friday, May 31, 2013

Baby Products part 3

'This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change'.- Taylor Swift


I am so sad to see May go, its my favorite month of the year. Well it was,  but now ever since Maya's birth, April is my new Fav. lol

Onto the title of this post, Baby Products.  

I went window shopping at the mall yesterday sans Maya and I went into the Cosmetic store and was just browsing, I came across the RED Tag banner (SALE) and saw these fabulous baby products by estelle & thild Stockholm on 50% off, so I bought some for my Love. These are natural Certified organic products which is why I got them. 

 estelle &  thild Stockholm - Body Lotion, Body oil  and Body wash

Body Oil - Free from preservatives, color and synthetic additives and includes virgin sunflower oil, almond oil, avocado oil and Vitamin E (from Soya bean)

Body wash - Free from parabens, color, lanolin, SLS, PEG's, fragrance free and ingredients include almond oil, vegetable glycerin, orange flower water, gum from maize.

Body Lotion - No frangrances, parabens, colors, lanolin or PEG's ingredients include sesame oil, almond oil, shea butter, aloe vera, olive leaf extract, Vitamin E (Soya Beans) and sunflower oil.

I also took a picture of the New H&M shopping bag with Beyonce on the cover. Love her tummy!!!!

And last but not least Miss Maya in a Blue Hello Kitty dress and look at those cheeks!!!!

Recently, Maya had to get passport photos and lets just say that waking up a 5 week old baby for pictures is not easy. I never believed the thing about the camera adding 10 kgs even though I used to work in front of the camera back in the day, until I saw Maya's passport picture, the pictures got my baby looking chubby and  much older, then the above shot in the Blue dress got my Maya looking like she 6 months old. I swear people My baby is small. She is not that big yet. The camera does lie. 

However, it also tells the truth in that My baby is CUTE!!!!!!

Note: This is not a paid advertisement for estelle & thild Stockholm. I bought these products with my own money. I am just on the quest for the best natural skin care range for Maya before I start making up batches for her with my own mixes and since these products are closest to what I use, that's why I bought them. I am not saying YOU should. I do me and I do what I feel is right for My Child.  Thank You. 

On that note, 
Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!

Love, Joy and SALES

Monday, May 27, 2013

31 Birthday

'Its not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they get old. They get old because they stop pursuing dreams'. - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Hi everyone

So recently I celebrated my 31 birthday (25 of May - also Africa Day). It was a pretty quiet day for me, stayed in bed with Maya then had cake with my family. Nothing much. As I grow older I realize I don't really want to do much on these special days. Slow is good, its a great pace. 

 Below are a few pictures I remembered to take.

Presents for Maya and I

Set of Silver spoons for Maya

Mama and Baby

Homemade Carrot cake

Cake and alcohol free champers

Sleeping beauty

Almost all done

Yummy Goodness

My gifts - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 , book cover, micro DHC card, earphones

Booklet, charger and plug

My new Tab

Getting started

Yep so now all I need to do is figure how to Blog from it and we are all sorted!!!! Thus far I figured out with the help of my brother

- I can use it as a phone
- Use Windows 8
- Facebook
- Skype
- Pinterest
- It takes amazing photos
- Has great sound
- YouTube
- And since it has wifi, I just need to put in a sim card and I am pretty mobile with it.

There are other great features but for me the above is very important. As is figuring out how to get Maya to sleep more hours during the night and less during the day. I swear she sleep perfectly during the waking hours uninterrupted but come night time, HoneyChild wakes every 2 hours.

Peace, Love and Tablets

Friday, May 24, 2013

1 Month Old!!!!

'The best thing a girl can be is a good wife and mother. It's a girls highest calling. I hope I am ready'. - Nancy E. Turner

Hi everyone

On the 24 of April at 10:20 my life changed completely. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Yemaya and today she is 1 month old. Every single day has been amazing and I am truly Blessed to have her in my life. A few years ago, I read in some book, that Souls have conversations with God and they choose which parents they want and which body they want to live in. When I look at my Daughter I give Thanks both to My God and her her Soul for choosing me to be her mother.  This is such a wonderful way to begin a new life for us.

My little girl.

My reason for smiling



I think that's a smile.....?

She got her mama's nose

Kisses for Maya

Not impressed.

Watching the fishes....

Here are Maya's likes and dislikes

- sleeping
- smiling
- massages
- baths
- cuddles
- music
- watching Indian movies or the news (or hearing them in the background) with her grandparents
- eating
- car rides

- dirty or wet diapers
- slow room service ( ummm Me being slow when feeding her)
- not being held
- hiccups

What an amazing  and scary, life changing 4 weeks I have had. Every day is a Blessing.

Peace, Love and Time

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Brain Games

'You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who'll decide where to go'. - Dr Seuss

Hi All

Since my little Miss is turning 1 month soon, here are cute games I cant wait to try with her. Don't know if I told you, but when I was living in Austria, I taught kindergarten and  first grade as well as did some teenage tutoring and worked as a summer camp teacher, (and studied Child Psychology and Social Welfare) so I had tons of little books, flashcards, games and craft ideas. This particular box set, I got in Abuja, Nigeria when I lived there. 

Brain Games for babies, toddlers and Twos by Jackie Silberg

How it looks like inside...

52 Cards

Close up of the cards

The ones for now.....

* Snuggle, buggle, I love you - great game for bonding. Cuddling, snuggling and lots of kisses. 
* Soothing Music - playing familiar music or even taping the dishwasher or washing machine for baby as these sounds are also similar to the sounds of the womb. 
* Where did it go? - this is great for brains capacity to grow. You hold a bright colored object in front of baby and move it side to side and talk about it. This stimulates the baby's sight and helps  with future good visual development. 
* Follow the action - Trying different facial expressions ( blink eyes, stick out tongue, make lip sounds, make contortions with your mouth) and sounds for baby. This is to help develop Baby's vision and hearing. 

So here I am all ready to begin working and this is what little Mama is up to....

I call this her superhero sleeping pose. This seems to be her favorite position to sleep in. 

 So will just have to wait till Maya is more awake, like between 2 am and 8:30 am which is her wide awake times!!!!

Just joking.

Sadly,                                 Not really....

Peace, Love and Growth

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3 weeks today!!!!!

'Trust what moves you most deeply'.- Sam Keen


My little Nona (nickname for her) made 3 weeks today!!!! Such a big girl now, even more so that I have had to pack away her new born clothes as most don't fit her anymore. We have basically figured each other other out, its simple. She rules and wins. Her wake up times, meal times, changing times and nap times. Its all in 4 hour segments. Anyways below are new pictures of her at 3 weeks, wearing a cute red and white Sailor outfit that her ouma bought her. 

Ready for my close up

All in white

cutest socks ever!!!!

Get ready now.....

Money shot!!!!!!!

See all that natural hair? Cant wait to play in that. Maya recently let me brush  her hair so I know she is all into the hair like her mama. Hair and Nails all at 3 weeks!!!!!!

So there we have it, 3 weeks old and already trying on dresses. My little Fashionista!!!!!!

Peace, Love and Sailing Away

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Manicure and a Massage

'You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance'.- Franklin P. Jones

Hiya All

Sorry for the lack of posting but have mainly been resting, feeding, pumping, changing and burping Maya. Nothing really exciting lol. Miss Maya recently made 2 weeks and it was time to do her nails. Below are pictures of her first manicure, she did very well. Basically just looked at me, and let me do her nails then she went back to sleep. Easy Peasy. 

Side eye action..... Hope you know what you are doing? 

Here you go......This finger please

Nice and relaxed

Happy Little Girl

Checking out my handy work

Finishing up

I also recently gave Maya her first massage after giving her a bath and she loved it!!!!! How do I know? well she didn't cry and was calm and relaxed throughout. I used the baby oil that I got from the hospital and warmed it in my hands and just massaged her from head to toes and tushie. She slept beautifully that night  - 5 hours!!!!!! 

She has also gained a lot more weight and gone over her birth weight which is very good. So am seriously happy with my little Maya bear.

So that's basically it for us. Will really try and upload more as the weeks go by. 

Love, Joy and Nails

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A week in photos and updates

'Take care of all your memories, for you can not relive them'. - Bob Dylan

Hi everyone

This is just a quick update with pictures about my first week. First onto pictures

One week old with Oupa

Meeting mama for the first time

Two days old

Look at that hair!!!!

Fast asleep on oumas shoulder

My little thinker

first wipe/hair wash (day 4)

Nice and clean

Going home from hospital

trying out her bassinet at home (not  happy)

So now onto what has been an amazing yet daunting week thus far..

- I was able to move around the first night, just a few steps to the bathroom and back, then by day 1 I was completely mobile. We left hospital on Friday. She was born on Wednesday.

- My bandage came off but stitches will fall off in about 2 weeks. I am down to half my pain medication and have been on my feet walking up and down since I got back. I went in weighing 80 kg and am now 75,3 kg  Not bad for 8 days.

- Her cord fell off on Day 6.

- She has gained a lovely amount of weight, during these 8 days. She has 30 grams left till she reaches her birth weight, which is super!!!!!

- She eats about every 3 hours now. Sleeps most of the time.

- My breast milk has come in (this apparently takes longer if you have had a c-section or difficult delivery But don't quote me).

- She only ever cries when her diaper is dirty or wet, she no likey!!!!!

- I have only washed my braids once and the rest of the time I keep then up and out of my way. No time for them, but will make a plan next week to do something about that.

- Her hearing test was perfect.

- She likes tummy time for short periods but prefers to lie on my tummy.

- I personally think she can smile already and some how keep her head up, but that's just me lol.

Hospital bag.

You'all remember that hospital bag I packed before I went into hospital? Well I didn't use half that stuff. Seriously. That was a waste of time and space!!!!!!! I only really used my tooth brush, iPod, camera, slippers, maternity bra and clothes I went in with not to mention for Maya, only her coming home clothes, one blanket, the car seat and one change of outfit. That's it!!!!! Nothing more!!!!!

I have managed to fill out her baby journal already with little notes on what I find interesting like her cord falling off, my first pumping experience, her first bath etc. So cute!!!!! I hope she likes my hand writing!!!!!

So that it for us.  

Peace, Love and Memories