Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Bald and The Braids (with everything in between).

Truth, and goodness, and beauty are but different faces of the same all.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hi , so with all the excitement going on in my life, my hair seems to be taking a back seat. But its holding up and jealousy isn't an issue, it aint Hating like my Bank account. I think, I mentioned before, that I went 'natural' a few times, I actually Big Chopped thrice. The first time, my brother did it for me and the next morning, I woke up and was in total denial, I honestly didn't think it through about what I was going to do with a Bald Head And it was in the middle of winter. But, I must say, those first few showers were pure Heaven. However as soon as it grew into a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), I think I braided it and then ended up relaxing it again. And that cycle repeated it self until 2009 November, when I just had it cut off the sides and the flat ironed at the top.

When I moved to Abuja, Nigeria, I would alternate between cornrows and wash and go's. But I promised myself to grow it out and see how long, I could go without chemicals. Its now, February 2011 and I have been natural ever since. Not a bad feat. It was and still is a learning process, but one that I enjoy very much.

Below are some photo's just about my hair journey.

This was taken the first Time I big chopped, we (my sister and I) were invited to a birthday party and it was our first time showing off, so to speak. After the initial shock wore off, my friends and most of my family warmed to the idea. My parents were the most shocked I think, but they finally came around. I think, it was the fact that both my sister and I both shaved our heads at the same time, and my brother had his hair cropped as well, so there were three balded headed heads.

This was in Abuja, Nigeria. The sides are shaved and the top was a simple wash n go.

This was December 2010, after I took out the braids that I had in since October.

These last two pictures are my most recent. I actually braided my own hair ------Yay YouTube!!!!!!!!!! I learned, studied and just went to town (in my case -my head ) with it. It was a long process, 5 hours the first night, 3 the next and then 3 the next. But, I am happy with the results.

The plan, is to stay with these braids (just make them tighter if they begin to get loose) until mid March or early April, remove them, asses the hair length, leave it loose for May (my birthday month) and then braid again in June/July - alternating with cornrows till December.
Right now, my hair reaches my shoulders and I want it to be at least bra strap length by December hopefully and this process seems to work best. I have found that if I just leave my hair and do very little to it, even when its loose, then it grows pretty quickly (I think so anyways).

So yep, thats it on the hair front. Its growing and growing and just growing beautifully.

Love, Blessings and Chemical Free.

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