Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My signature scent and my first roller set.

For lack of attention a thousand forms of loveliness elude us every day.

- Evelyn Underhill

Hi everyone.

Gonna keep it short today, I decided yesterday to wash, condition and roller set my hair, I oiled my hair with the Caster oil infusion that I posted about earlier, Amla oil and Shea butter. Luckily for me, my sister left her flat iron at her (and her boyfriends place) otherwise, I would have flat ironed my hair. I have old school rollers, the kind that have pins in them, so I put in 33 green rollers in my hair. I bought them in Namibia and red is the smallest, then comes pink, then blue, then green is larger and orange is the biggest. I know taking a picture would have been best, I wasn't thinking at that time. But I am happy to announce my hair was covered in only green rollers, so thats good. Next up, Orange!!!!!!!!! Its these small things in life that make me happy.

I opted against sitting under the dryer and instead chose to sleep with my rollers ALL NIGHT. I had pins sticking into my head, but I kept telling myself, its for the hair, its for the hair. (The things I do for my hair!!!!)

So this morning, I was going to do a cling film wrap (or whatever its called- were you brush the hair and then cling film it and sit under a dryer or whatever. Its on Youtube), but my hands were toooo tired and I couldn't get my hair to lie flat across my head, every time, one side would, the top part became undone, so I just wore a head band. The hair looked good though, its nice, thick, not too greasy and curled up very nicely, I did a good job. Plus I was very proud of myself, I completely did not use any heat what so ever!!!!!! But, Its just for this week. Perhaps on Friday or Saturday, I will cornrow or braid my hair again and leave it alone for a few weeks. Below are the only good photos I got, believe me my hands were too tired.

Shiny, healthy and BEAUTIFUL and so soft!!!!!!!!
The back had uncurled because of my head band, but overall I am happy.
Now, summer is soon upon us, and it got me to thinking about my new soon to be slim self. I figured, I have the shoes, the dress (I will soon add more), and the hair is growing on target, all I need now, is a summer fragrance. Which I got.

Hello, my Love!!!!!!! You sexy thing you!!!!!!!

I LOVE Me some Carolina Herrera - 212 Sexy!!!!!!!!!
I like to call this my 'signature' scent. I prefer this to all else, however, when my last bottle finished, I didn't replace it ( my budget and all). I have others (I collect perfumes -that's my thing) , but this little lady was my all. I don't know, maybe its the cute packaging or the smell. But its something. And it speaks to Moi. It calls on me, I feel sexy, confident, poised. You know, everything a French man would want........;-)

So I decided, now that summer is fast approaching, I need to get myself in gear and stay on top of things. So yep, I am good to go. Bring on Summer. I have a to do list: Travel, get a tan, go swimming, go to the zoo, visit some Museums, go to some open air concerts, find me a French man (yes, I slipped that one in there), go shopping, eat crayfish, ice cream, drink some mojitos and all those other summery things to do.

So here's to getting ready for Summer.

Blessings, Perfume and finding some sweet Romance.

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