Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 4 hair pictures (roller set and flat iron)

'Sometimes, you like to let the hair do the talking'
James Brown

So its day 4 of my flat iron and trim. And its going good. But I gotta be honest with you, I really miss my 'natural' hair. Dont get me wrong, I like to swang my hair and luckily for me today, there was some wind, so I was 'merrily' skipping away as though I was an extra for the 'Sound of Music' but after a while, its gets old. I cant wait to get my hair wet and start playing with it. Ohhhhhhhh also, I went shopping and bought me some hair stuff. Will post more on that and Nico's first tantrum. Onto pictures. Enjoy.

FYI, I didnt do nothing to the hair except to take it out my high bun and frame it around my face using my hair brush. Simple and nothing else.

The front
My side
More of the side
The back of my head
The top of my head.
So, this cut was great for its purpose, but Now, I am excited about growing my hair longer. I realized this is pretty much how long I have had my hair give or take a little bit more over my shoulders. So its now onto longer, thicker and more gorgeous natural hair.

Peace, Blessings and Patience

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