Monday, March 21, 2011

Namibia turns 21!!!!!!!

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

- Benjamin Franklin

Good morning and a very special Happy Independence Day to all Namibians world wide. Yep, 21 years ago, on March 21 1990, Namibia became an Independent free country. Can only imagine all the great stuff happening around the world on this day. We Namibians like to celebrate this day very well hahahahahhaha. So, what can I really say about the Land Of The Brave? Its a beautiful country. It truly is. I honestly think, it really is one of Africa's hidden or not so hidden gems. The people ( hello - Moi) are wonderful, the food is great (we export our meat and fish world wide), the beer is the best (ask the Germans, South Africans and even Swedes lol), the water is perfect (thats a big Thing in Africa - tap water) the landscape gorgeous, the roads are amazing (thats also a big Thing in Africa - Actually Namibia has one of the cleanest cities (Windhoek) in the entire Africa) and the animals are a lot - Just go to The Etosha National Park lol.

Namibia has to much to offer to anyone wanting to visit. Take a look at some pictures I found on Google- I will upload my own very soon.

This is our map- We border Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. As well as the Atlantic Ocean.

Our Founding Father - First President of The Republic of Namibia , Dr Sam Nujoma.

A shot of Windhoek - Christuskirche

Sesriem Canyon
Some Diamonds - yep Namibia got diamonds people!!!!!!!
Michelle McLean - Miss Universe winner in 1992.
Frank Fredericks - Namibian Athlete. He has won sliver medals at the Olympics(1992 & 1996) as well as gold at World Championships, Commonwealth games, World indoor championships, All Africa games and he is the world indoor record holder for 200 meters with a time 19.92 set in 1996.
Wildlife - we have more than just zebra's , we also have the big 5!!!!!!!!
Dune 7 - sand dude in the Namib desert. One of the largest in the world. Also the Namib desert is often refered to as the oldest desert in the world.
So, to all my fellow Namibians - keep up with the marvelous work. We are very Blessed to have and come from a beautiful, peaceful and positively growing country.

I am off to drink some Namibian Beer to celebrate this day. Muah.

Peace, Blessings and Another 21 Years.


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