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Castor Oil - the type I use

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Good morning!!!!!

So, I know I have posted about the different oils I use in my hair, so today I will talk a little bit about Castor oil. First of all here is what I know about Castor oil...

- Increase hair growth
- Thickens hair that begins to thin out (I had this problem at my edges)
- Prevents dry scalp
- Makes the hair fuller, shinier and prevents dryness.
- Contains Omega 9 fatty acids

Basically its great for hair, which is always good for me.

Now, at my local Indian store (not the one where I will get my Henna from - this is another one) I was looking for Castor oil and they only had this left and it was cheap, like less than 5 bucks and the bottle was small so I just got it. It was the last one (I always seem to get the last of hair products first my Shea Butter and now My Castor Oil).

This is the brand I use - Hollywood Beauty Castor oil

Here's what it claims.

Hair treatment
- for dry scalp
- Vitamin E
- 7 Natural oils
- No greasy build up
Its little because, I added some into my water spritzer bottle with Amla oil, Jasmine hair oil and Shea Butter Moisturizer.

Here's the Ingredients:
Soybean oil, Safflower oil, Castor oil, Mineral Oil, Tocopheral Acetate (Vitamin E) Almond oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut oil, Methylparaben, Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparabenm, Butylparaben, Fragrance, BHA, D &C Yellow #11, D & C Green # 6.

Ok, lets get to it.

I like that it has so many oils in it, however, I know from the Blogs and Forums about reading Ingredients and whats good and whats not good for hair like I need to be wary about Parabens and so forth. But here's the thing - I live in Sweden, a country not really inhibited by 'naturals' - there are some but not like in London, Amsterdam and the USA. Also, getting any kind of Natural hair product from the States is not easy. So I gotta use what I can find (and whats in English lol). And if it means for now finding products that are not so highly thought of - well unfortunately for now, thats what I gotta do. Because of my limited choices, I really Should just be GRATEFUL to find anything (AND I ALWAYS AM). Believe me, Stockholm is easier in this regard than when I was living in Vienna, Austria. That's one of the reasons, I decided to relax my hair after my first Big Chop - I couldn't find Nothing!!!!!! Trust me, I looked.

Now, this little baby (and she is small - 2oz (59.2 ML)) seems to work very well for me. I have been using it now for about 3 weeks I think and it really has done the job. My edges firstly were extremely thin to begin with, but now fuller and growing in very nicely. Also, My hair is shiny, stronger and my scalp is well oiled.

The bad part?
It smells kinda weird. I have a strong sense of smell, so this is a little too strong for me. So what I do, is I mix some Jasmine hair oil and Amla oil to it and put that all over my head. Sometimes, I add Shea butter but not often.

How I use this product.
After washing my hair, I apply a little to my finger tips and go line by line over my scalp. Then I add some onto my ends and seal with Shea Butter this is my deep condition method. Then I cover my head with a shower cap ( do what needs to be done for a few hours and then rinse out). I have been doing this ever since my hair came out of braids. I think I have washed my hair now three times - the first after taking the braids out. Which was when I first applied this and during the week again, when I did the first roller set and then again last night.

Over all its been good to my hair. But I like I said, I gotta use what I can find, so often times, I may or may not use products that are not so highly thought of, but for now, I gotta do me. And I gotta do what feels good to the hair. And this feels so goood!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really does.

So thats it.

Peace, Blessings and making do with what you have.

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