Monday, March 28, 2011

Roller set re -done and Hair length pictures!!!!!! Part 2

The hair is the richest ornament of women.
Martin Luther

So here is part 2. Now, I know I said earlier, I was staying away from heat and I did try what with air drying and all, but I really Needed to stretch it out and see for myself how long it was and what the ends looked like. They were begining to feel very coarse and dry to me as well as lanky looking. So yep, I flat ironed my hair and then my sister got to cutting/trimming (she worked in a hair salon before, so she knows what she is doing).

Below are some pictures just to show you what I was working with and what the end results look like.

The ends looked bad, I ain't even gonna lie.
Not good from the side either.....
After my trim, me looking in the mirror (checking out my free haircut - couldn't really complain, Salon trips are not in the 2011/2012 financial budget, so getting ANYTHING free is good)
Yes, I did Whip my hair back and forth, Y'all!!!!!
Wind hair. lol

So yep, thats it. Now, am gonna get some Henna this week, and do a treatment. Since I love my Black hair color, I have decided to use Indigo and keep my hair black. And then probably the following week its back to braids or cornrows. Haven't decided yet.

Ohhh in case you are wondering, my hair goal for 2011 is bra strap level or to the small/middle of my back. I want this by December 2011.

Have a good week darlings.

Love, Blessings and sisters who can cut hair.


  1. Looks great! Any more tips on Henna in the hair? I'm a little skittish about and would like to know more...

  2. Thank You ladies.

    @ Charish - Here is what I could find out about Henna and what I know.

    Henna makes the hair, shiny, healthy and strong. It is a natural hair dye, that is a natural vegetable tannin that stains your hair. Henna is a translucent stain and every womens hair will be different because of the individual natural hair color and texture.Henna will effectively dye your hair a red color, but it won’t remove any bleach from your hair. As you apply henna to your hair, your hair will absorb the color. This product is long lasting, which is why it is a great alternative to some other hair dyes.

    I will mix it with Indigo ( which is a green powder that makes the hair black).
    This will be my first time trying Henna (I am a novice at all this hair stuff - but a lot of women swear by it and use it once or twice a month and often during the year. So I want to do so as well.

    I am basically only trying it out for the conditioning factors, I found an Indian store here that sells all kinds of oils and natural powders so I am off to find out more and to get some tips, but will come back and let you know. Hope this helps.

    Here are two links I found:

  3. Thank you for the update and your post for yesterday. I'm friends with the owners of the local indian grocery in my town. I think I might give it a shot!

  4. Great to hear!!!!!!! Its a wonderful journey all this hair business, isn't it?


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