Sunday, March 6, 2011

Because I say I am.

I feel there are two people inside me -- me and my intuition. If I go against her, she'll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely.

- Kim Basinger

Hi All,

So last night, I was watching Sister Act 2 - Back in habit on YouTube. I LOVE YouTube!!!!!!!! And I was watching the scene with Whoopie and Lauryn where she talks about the book - Letter to a young poet by Rainer Maria Rilke, and it got me thinking. I am many things because I tooo wake up and just declare them. For the longest time, I had labels placed on me by society - I was handicapped, a freak, less than, fat, short, four eyed, disabled...... I could go on, but I am moving forward in my life and refuse to take anything negative from my past with me.

With my art, I was always told, if it wasn't published or in a book then it doesnt count. So I was always afraid to show my work.

So looking back on what I have accomplished in my life in terms of my art, I have decided, to declare that

I am a Photographer because I say I am. One of my pictures was noticed when my sister went for a casting call as a Model. They liked my work.

I am a Poet Because I say I am. hahahahhahaa I am also published.

I am a writer Because I say I am. My work has been published also.

I am a singer Because I say I am. I am technically a singer in the shower, but I can hold a tune. Don't judge.

I am a painter Because I say I am. Technically, I haven't picked up a brush in years, but I can and I will soon.

Onto my fav pictures.

Free and Light
Path and clarity
Safe and Healthy
State of undress.

Smooth and Sultry
Caged freedom
White and grey
I think of this image as pounding on the ground.
Upwards and forth
I take my art work to be an interpretation of what I see and how I see something. Or write, or sing or paint. The last picture is of the Nobel building here in Stockholm, and even though the building has been around for the longest as have the statue in front of it, the picture that I took of it, Represented something moving forward and going beyond. I guess what I am trying to say, is that any person can take an object that has been around for eons and just by looking at it from a different perspective can create in their minds a new object, or feeling or art from it. Also, I had to type that, I don't wanna get sued - Budget for financial year 2011-2012 doesn't have legal fees in it..... I mean, I didn't build the building nor create the statues, or the little girl, or the condom and juice box, or plant the trees and make the path way. I just took the Picture, because I am a Photographer, because I say I am.

Blessings and Love and Art.

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