Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Stockholm metro art: Hallonbergen

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Happy Wednesday!!!!

So last night I was looking through my folders and I saw I still had a few more metro art pictures that I didn't do posts on. So I want to add this to that online collection. So I present to you,  Hallonbergen station. This is on the blue line in Stockholm and its covered by children's drawings and painting which is said to convey a feeling of joy and happiness. This station was opened in 31 August 1975. Enjoy these cute and sweet drawings and tell me it doesn't bring a smile to your face. 

 Caution :  Extreme loveliness ahead. Be warned!!!!!!! 

So sweet!!!


Getting onto the metro

Know how to play this?


Wild horses?


So colourful

This reminds me of when I was a kindergarten teacher and I would send crafts and artwork home with the kiddies, I had one mom take me aside and Beg me to please Stop. Lol she said she has 4 kids ( one set of twins - which were with me) and has  millions of artworks from them. Cant I just have a folder and keep the drawings with me and tell the kids I will  'send it by post' and perhaps never making it to the post office? I never did coz she was only one mother who asked me (and kids love leaving the classroom with artwork in hand running to meet their parents), But I can imagine coming home everyday to finding new drawings from your kids, how many pictures can you have on your fridge about mom, dad, me, Grammy and spotty the dog, a tree and 2 birds. And a happy sun. Always a happy sun.

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.

Joy, giggles and artworks from special hands

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