Thursday, February 5, 2015

My protective style

'Beauty is about enhancing what you have.  Let yourself shine through'.- Janelle Monae

Hi all

I wanted to show you my protective style before I have my wash day tomorrow. I have had this style in since last week Friday and only had to re-plait once. I tried to do flat twists and I failed, so the next best option was to plait my hair into thickish cornrows and tie them at the nape of my neck. Below are shots I took yesterday. 

Nice and thick

My version of neat rows

Not very tight but not loose either

I braided all the pieces together , wrapped the hair around itself and tied it to keep it secure and well moisturized. 

This style is great because it low maintenance, very little manipulation and off my neck. Its easy to apply my grape-seed oil at night and do a quick massage. I can spritz my water and oil over my hair and if need be do a full wash by just untying the back and co-washing the braids. Simple and easy. If i needed to dress this up, I could wear a funky scarf tied at the side, or add an Alice band and hair flower.

On a side note, the grey is too much for me. I may actually have to do a Henna and Indigo treatment soon. I am only vain when it comes to grey hair. lol

Have a great afternoon.


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