Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nature´s gate - Shampoo review

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Happy Tuesday y´all

My fav new shampoo is by Nature´s Gate and its an Aloe vera containing sulfate free shampoo. I swear, put aloe vera on anything and I may just buy it. But on the real, its a fabulous smelling (it reminds me of a fresh garden after rain has come - its a nice fresh smell. Green smell), great consistency having and thickish lather shampoo. My head feels so clean afterwards. I bought it on whim (at Discherm), I wanted to try out a sulfate shampoo and the price was reasonable (read cheap). 

My new fav shampoo - ´hydrates and restores normal to dry hair´


What it says on the back - ´Nature´s gate Aloe Vera shampoo gently cleanses hair while helping to restore moisture. Aloe Vera hydrates while our 7 Healing Hair Nutrients nourish, condition and soften hair. This superb moisturizing shampoo is gentle enough for everyday use, leaving hair replenished, manageable and silky smooth´.

It really does all of the above. I cant fault this.

Ingredients include
- Aloe vera
- Soy proteins
- Vegetable proteins
- Jojoba oil
- Borage flower seed oil
- Barley
- Avocado extract
- Coconut
-  Glycerin
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin E

This shampoo is vegan and not tested on animals. This will probably stay in my stash for a while and when my tresemme conditioner is finished I may go and get the conditioner to this shampoo and have those as my set.I am always glad when something works out product wise. It makes wash-days so much easier and nicer knowing my hair likes a certain product and it works well with it.

How I wash my hair
I first detangle my head either using my fingers or a wide tooth comb (sometimes I do a pre poo with coconut oil but that´s not always), then I wet my head and then put my hair into 4 sections. I like to do this on wet hair. Then I loosen one section, place shampoo into my palms and coat that section with shampoo. With my fingers I go in circular motions on my scalp not using my nails, moving slowing down the hair length to my ends washing that section scalp to ends then I rinse off and continue with all the remaining sections. Afterwards condition.  This is how I have been doing my hair for years. I usually do a final cold water 1 minute rinse when I am completely done.

When I add the mask, I wash with shampoo first, then add my hair mask and leave that on for a few minutes and carry on with my body or whatever and then when time is up, rinse that off and condition.

Disclaimer: I don´t work for Nature´s Gate. I bought this with my own money. Sharing is caring.

Smiles, Laughter and Shampoo

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