Monday, February 2, 2015

Hair Mask review

'I am not lost, I just found myself'. - Anon 

Happy Monday everyone

So as promised here is the start of my many reviews, my hair mask. A new shopping mall opened in Windhoek called Grove Mall and inside was my new home away from home. Dischem. My happy place. After the yogurt place at Grove this is my happy place. So I needed something to help with my new repair program that I got going on and I searched the shelves for something, anything but it had to be CHEAP. Yep, I am about that life. I don't like to spend too much money and the yogurt place is upstairs and I really like that yogurt place. They have this mango sorbet and banana flavour with choco bits and this sauce....  I digress. So I found this hair mask from Natur Vital within my price range. 

Here is the deeds....

Natur Vital - Hair mask (sensitive) with Aloe Vera, Juniper and Pro vitamin B5. 
The organic grown Aloe Vera juice is rich in aminoacids, vitamins and minerals, which strongly enhance hydration and softness of the hair. They provide shine, elasticity and flexibility. Juniper tones the scalp and activates the hair root. 

It contains NO silicones, colorants, paraben preservatives or mineral oil. 

My new fav little jar (300ml)

This is the consistency 

soft and buttery 

easy flip lid for access

So how this works is,  shampoo hair and leave on  wet clean hair for 3 minutes - ' In just 3 minutes, restores lost vitality and moisture's hair, leaving it shiny and full of vitality'. I kept in on for longer than 3 minutes maybe about ten whilst I combed through my sections.

First thing I noticed was this smelled lovely. Herbish is the word I wanna use here. Its not for everyone but because I am used to putting smelling herby stuff in my hair it was lovely. You have to get used to it.

 Second thing I very quickly noticed was the slip and how the comb just glided through my hair. Honey child, it was like butter!!!!!!

I kept saying wow, this is so easy to comb through. My hair just worked so well with this mask. I added a bit more to my ends and covered my head for a few minutes with a shower cap to get some heat. Then I rinsed it out and co washed. I am sold. Y'all know me. It don't take much.

 I have only used it 3 times and I am sold. A little goes a long way so I will probably use this for February and March.

For me, I like it very much, inexpensive, makes my hair soft, smells nice and great slip!!!!

 Thats all she wrote folks.

Everything was bought with my own cash and this is my honest opinion.

                                                                    Peace, Joy and Masks


  1. Very useful information thanks for sharing:)

  2. I so need this. I will definitely buy this product.

  3. Thanks ladies. Its a great product. Let me know how it worked for you.


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