Monday, February 16, 2015

salon protective style

'Be kind to everyone, including yourself'. - anon 

Hey all

I was very lucky over the weekend to get treated to a styling session at Simana Natural Emporium which is a beauty salon in Windhoek which caters to Naturals and those transitioning and as far as I know the only one thus far, but don't quote me on that. So I went in and met with the Owner Miss K and she talked about what I would like done. and we both agreed NO HEAT. So she suggested a co-wash, hot oil deep condition, small trim and protective style. Everything I like!

The co-wash was with Tresemme Naturals conditioner and the stylist gently detangled my head then added the product and slowly worked it into my scalp and hair. I was given a nice soft head massage and my hair was then rinsed off. She then mixed a few oils to create an oil base for the hot oil deep condition. She used coconut oil, castor oil, tree tree oil and rosemary oil. I think I may have missed one. But those were the ones I remembered. Then she worked this into my scalp  using an applicator brush the type you use when you are coloring your hair in a salon (I hope you all get me) basically she went line by line over my head ensuring that my whole head was covered with the oil. Afterwards it was plastic cover time and under the dryer I went for about 20 minutes. 

My hair with oils under the dryer

All covered up

After the deep oil treatment that was washed out then my hair was gently combed out and the ends were trimmed Professionally!!!!!! We took off just a bit but again like the oil application we went line by line ensuring that the overall cut was even and so that it grows out the same length. then the stylist asked me what kind of style did I want, I told her I really only want something where my hair is off my shoulders and I can apply oil easily to the scalp when needed and a style that will last me about 4 weeks. 

My hair after my little trim ( it is much much much longer than this, shrinkage is a beast y'all!!!!!)

So below is what I came away with.

Braided up from the left and right towards the middle and this was twisted up coming to my front. ( PS I always get red on my scalp from anything, even gently combing and washing my scalp leaves in red. It lasts a few minutes and goes away). 

Neat rows and very easy for me to put my oil in

The front with twisted in two strand twists and wrapped around the main part of the hair. 

Neat, easy to maintain and gorgeous

My stylist told me I could easily wash this out in about 2 weeks and continue with my oil treatment as needed.

The great thing about Simana is that the products used, I am very familiar with like the Shea butter, natural oils, Aloe Hair gel, shampoos and conditioners,  so I was very happy to be in their care for that morning. Its always great being in an environment where I can talk to a stylist who is willing to listen to my suggestions and who gives great advice on natural hair because
1) she is natural
2 ) she actually knows what she is talking about
3) she knows her products and is not gonna just put any old thing in my hair.
And lastly
4) is gentle!!!!! We like gentle hands on our delicate scalps ladies!!!!

My overall experience was fabulous. The staff are very friendly, the owner is very knowledgeable and I met other great naturals. Its like a hidden hide-way for us Naturals in Windhoek.

Its all good. Will do updates with this style as the  days and weeks go on.

Peace, Kindness and Funky styles

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