Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hair stuff.

'I'm going to make you so proud - Note to self'. 

Hi all....

Remember me, I took a very very VERY  long break from this blog and now I am back. Honestly, life caught up with me. Moving back, unpacking, packing away, renovations, flu, operations, failing learners licenses, job hunting, daycare for Maya, teething, potty training, words saying, hair braiding,  master cleanse doing, Winter, Autumn, Summer and Christmas and New years. I just didn't find the time to blog. But I missed blogging so I decided that this year I will MAKE time and well here I am. 


Hair stuff is the title of this post. My hair is/was damaged by heat. I must just face that fact and be honest about it. I was in denial. But tis true. I had my hair blow dried last year about 3 times and since there wasn't a natural hair salon in Windhoek (there is one now) every time I wanted to get my hair braided, the stylist would blow dry it first without proper heat protectant. So I was left with split ends and breaking hair. My hair is past arm pit length right now but I had to cut a few inches off due to split ends and fairy knots. 

I have 2 hair goals for 2015.

1) Get my hair past arm pit length. The real goal of coarse is by end of December 2015 to have mid-back length. 

2) Second goal, to have healthy, strong, beautiful and split end free hair. 

I have a new set of products that I have promised myself to stick too for at least the first part of the year  until May. I decided on May coz that my birthday month and I should have seen a change / improvement by them. So below are my new products that I use. I will in the course of the month do reviews on all of them.  ohhhh as a Bonus I added a picture of Maya for you. 

My new hair arsenal 

Sulfate free shampoo and silicone free Conditioner

Eco styler gel

Grapeseed oil. The only oil I am using for now. 

Placenta for my ends 

My moisturizers

Almost done with this one. Double Butter cream. Need I say More. 

Cantu loves

Aloe Vera and juniper hair mask 

And my favorite girl - Miss Maya in her African print dress. Fun fact, this was the only shot I could get from her. She refused to stand still for me. 

So Next week, I will begin by doing reviews on the above products as well as letting you know how I am treating my hair and getting it back to life and beyond the arm pits. Its been there for way too long now.

Happy 2015 and enjoy the month of Love.

                                                                     Peace, Love and Hair stuff

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