Thursday, February 12, 2015

Placenta for hair

´Sometimes its controversy, but we all have our choices that we make´.- Solomon Burke

Hi all

Placenta, I had to think long and hard if I wanted to do a post about this and since I had placed it under my new hair routine, I decided to just go for it. I use Placenta for my hair. If you don´t know Placenta is the afterbirth, its the organ that feeds a fetus in a female´s womb. 

I started using it when I was living in Nigeria to strengthen my hair. I don't remember why I needed it but my hair was lacking something then and so  I went into a shop looking for hair products and the lady behind the counter told me about placenta, I found it in the below bottle, went home, researched it, and I tried it, I loved it and I continued using it until I left. I only stopped using it in Sweden because I didn't need it any more. My hair was fine, till I damaged it last year. So I revisited what I know works for me. 

That´s the catch phrase I want to use - It works for me. I have always maintained on this blog, that not everything that works for one will work for another. I do me. I always have and I always will. I do my research, I weigh my options, I think it through and I make my decisions. 

H R Placenta

This comes with 3 bottles in it

Its a small bottle (10ml)

What it says

´Seals split ends. Thickens hair and gives immediate body. Helps stimulate hair growth´.

Apply to clean towel dried hair, massage gently for a minute and comb through. No rinsing and can be used 2-4 times a week.

Placenta that is used for hair and skin comes from sheep and cows, however there has been a growing trend of new human mothers eating their placenta for the benefits and other reasons. I am not gonna get into that. To each their own.

I use it for my damaged hair because its high in hormones and proteins such as estrogen and progesterone. It helps to reconstruct the hair shaft, it reinforces the strength of the hair, gives it a great shine and smells nice. I have had experiences with it that worked which is why I am back with it and the second time around my hair still works well with it and it plays along nicely with my other products.

How I use it - on wash days. 

I wash my hair with shampoo, then add my hair mask. Then my leave in conditioner over my hair and then add the placenta (a few drops in my palms- about half this little bottle) over my ends and massage the rest into my scalp, I mainly concentrate on my ends because they are the most damaged. Then I continue with my cream and grape seed oil all over my head and braid or flat twist my hair.

 During the week, I take the remaining placenta and go over my ends again and whatever is left put it over my head. My main concern is really my ends.

Normally here, I would say go out and get you some, but I wont. What I will say, is do some research. Read some labels ( you would be surprised at how many company´s add this to their ingredient list), look outside your comfort zone, look towards the hair history of the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians as well as look to the Orient. See what they have been working with and how far their hair journeys have taken them.

 Don´t take my word for it, but I am gonna do me.  Thanks all.

Peace, Love and choices

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