Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gujarati Thali

'I always say centered food equals centered behavior'. - Marilu Henner

Hello people

Just a warning, 'Heaven is in India' as one of my vegan friends commented on these pictures on my Facebook page. I was introduced today by a wonderful women who not only steered me towards Yoga but exploring more of Delhi and now this fabulous Thali and I tried my first Lassi here as well. I will say however, I am very grateful that this restaurant is far from where I live otherwise I would have serious problems. Now onto loveliness through pictures of food. 

This is what we ordered

Just waiting to be filled

my lovely friend G.

Almost filled up

completely filled 
better lighting.....

in one there is Okra, potato, aubergine and the last one has peas

 cucumbers, lemon, raw red onions and yummy naan and rotti's. So crunchy,warm and so good

Dessert 1 - yogurt and some sweet baked cake 
Dessert 2 - fruits in custard

full and satisfied 
This is given to freshen up the breath

So, now this place says unlimited and it truly was, I cant tell you how many times the waiters came to offer more food. And thanks to my Fasting, my stomach could only handle a bit - well I managed more than a bit. I tried everything twice.....ok three times. But that's because I knew all day we would be going there so I purposely did not have breakfast.

I was totally satisfied and very full. Am a happy Queen tonight because I ate like a king which is what Suruchi Restaurant  (this is the name of the Restaurant) claims.

Blessings, Love and Vegetarianism

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