Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ever in New Delhi? Visit the National Zoological Park

'Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings'. Evan Esar

Hi all

 I realized I hadn't done a 'Ever in' blog post in a long time, so here is my first one for India. 

I just spent the most beautiful morning at the National Zoological Park here in Delhi. And I loved it!!!!!!! Loved Loved LOVED IT!!!!!!!! Seriously. I will so go again. 

The place so beautifully maintained, wonderful walk ways, friendly people. Amazing animals. So much to see. 

 So here are some pictures I took, just to give you a glimpse into my morning. 

These are dust bins shaped like animals - Monkey

Such a cute sign

Explaining the route

16th Century Old Fort and Tomb of Humayun -This is somewhat hidden between trees, rocks and a mountain. Gorgeous.



African Lion




Asian Lion



White Tiger - He refused to stand up. 


 This is where I went. 

 So just a few facts about the zoo:

There are over 200 varies of trees there.
Its  also a natural Bird Sanctuary - over 200 species of birds fly freely.
It was set up in 1952 to conserve, breed, educate and provide recreation.
It has 176 acres.

Seriously, if you are ever in Delhi, go to the Zoo!!!! Its a great place for families, couples (saw so many lol) or just for a walk around. Great exercise!!!!!! There are tons of places to sit, food canteen outside (food is prohibited inside the zoo) but there are drink Kiosk within the zoo, to but water, juice and ice cream. Overall, I had such an amazing time.

Note: I don't work for the Zoo, I paid my own cash money to visit the Zoo. And these Pictures are ALL MINE!!!!!! Taken with Rocco (thats my camera - if this is your first time visiting my blog lol).

Blessings, Peace and Animals

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