Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Auto Rickshaws

'I have come to believe that there are infinite passageways out of the shadows infinite vehicles to take us into the light'. Martha Beck

Good day everyone

Today's post is on 'Tuk Tuk's or Auto Rickshaws.  A mode of transport that I constantly on a daily basis use and have come to love. There is no real reason why I love taking Tuk Tuk's, for me its just the cool breeze that comes though the open areas, or the fact that I can see everything around me. I love being at the robots or very busy car lanes and my little 'Tuk Tuk' can wiggle its way around the cars and get to the front. And Tuk Tuk's are kinda cute. Not like Mini Cooper cute, but Cute none the less. Here are a few pictures of Auto Rickshaws.

Waiting for passengers....

Off with passengers 

What the inside front looks like

Always, insist on a working meter!!!!!!!!  

So I have an interesting relationship with 'Tuk Tuk' drivers. Firstly being brown, I was told by one after he started speaking to me in what I think was Hindi - is that I look South Indian.He couldn't believe I was African.   Most 'Tuk Tuk' drivers begin talking to me almost instantly when ever I get in, even after I began speaking in English.

After they realize I neither speak Hindi nor am I Indian, well then the price argument begins. See for me, I know exactly where I have to go and I know how much it would cost on the meter. So I insist on having a meter. Other times, if its just around my area and not to far but far enough for me not to walk (coz I am the type that's not so good with directions), then I can pay 20 or 30 Rupees. The biggest Mall is about 30 Rupees but on Sunday's I feel generous and hand over 40 Rupees. On a good Sunday I may part with 50. 

There have been times when I have been asked to pay 120 to 150 Rupees on trips which I know on the meter would cost only 76, 77 Rupees which I always round off to 80. Like on my way to school. So when that happens, I kindly tell the 'Tuk Tuk' driver that I take this route twice a day and I know its only 80 Rupees and proceed to walk a way. Which leads to the 'Tuk Tuk' driver normally coming after me and lowering his price to say 130? No. 110? No. 100!!!!! Ummmm no, 80 or nothing. Actually put the meter on. And we can be own our way. Fine fine, 80 Rupees mam. Knowing if it goes on the meter I may just give exact to the last cent change. 

Funny story - a while back, I took a 'Tuk Tuk' from near my school, I  had been off to a market with my friend and she brought me back to the nearest 'Tuk Tuk' place near to school, so when I got in and told the driver where I was going, he told me, he already knew me. And knew where to drop me off. He called me 'The Difficult One' because I haggle over the price till the last Rupee!!!!

Ahhh yes, the legend of the Mighty (read Stubborn and Cheap) Queen proceeds me. I shall go down in History as  Afropean Queen  - Queen of the 'Tuk Tuks'.

I will miss 'Tuk Tuks' when I leave India. I truly will. 

No one knows where the Nick name 'Tuk Tuk' comes from. But its what the tourists call the Auto Rickshaws. 

Blessings, Joy and Difficulties


  1. ai my child you make me proud

  2. will take you on 'Tuk Tuk' rides to the markets when you guys come!!!!!


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