Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food Pictures

'Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread and pumpkin pie'. Jim Davies

Hi All

I am on a 10 day Juice Fast. That's 10 days no solid food, just - fresh juices, Soya Milk mixed juices, hot water, hot water mixed with honey and lime and cold water. Today is day 5. I am hungry. Here are photos I took of food I have eaten whilst in Delhi. I am seriously hungry. 

Chicken Samosa

Inside Chicken Samosa

Vegetable Samosas 

Golgappi Vendor


Tray at a Vegetarian Canteen with some wild rice, this is before my try began to get filled up

Veggies - On the left ingredients include banana and On the right its aubergine. 


Curd / Yogurt  

Sweet Pinapple shavings

Papadums and flat bread still puffy


Pan - its to freshen your mouth after eating (inside is filled with herbs & seeds)

Toasted Chicken slaw sandwich

Falafel Pita pockets and Falafel salad

Butterscotch slice

Lunch - Chicken Tikka's with a herb yogurt sauce & raw onions

Chicken Tikka Roomali Roti


Chicken Seehk Roomali Roti

Chicken Tikka Roomali Roti

Herb Yogurt for dipping

So that's it, more food pictures to come. Let me just get through these next 10 days. 5 more days of Fasting and 5 days of fresh fruits, veggies, soups before I slowly introduce solid food back into my system.

Blessings, Joy and Food


  1. take me on your journey of reintroducing food back into your system... the pics are awweeessssooommmmmeee

  2. Thanks M. Will take more pictures after my fast is over. lol hahahhahaha

  3. I love Daal. Well, Indian food generally I enjoy. I got an intro when I studied in the UK. We have a couple indian restaurants here in Barbados. But when I go to Trinidad, it's always nice to eat it.

  4. I am hoping to learn this, this week at my Indian Vegetarian cooking course. Am so excited!!!!!!


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