Sunday, April 22, 2012

Currently studying part 1

'The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away'. David Viscott

Hi all

Well, Life goes on and even though my stay in India is on somewhat shaky grounds (I remain positive), I am carrying on with my studies. Here is what my next batch of studies will be:

Scrub soap making
Plain cold process soap making
Aromatherapy candle making
Shampoo making

And in the Ayurveda field

Ayurveda Stress Management
Ayurveda  Pregnancy and Baby Massage
Ayurveda Nutrition and Diet management
Ayurveda Beauty Treatments

I will just highlight a bit of each just to give you a general idea of what I am doing with my time here (its not all shopping, eating and sight-seeing!!!!!).

Scrub soap making:

Introduction to soap base, moulds, raw materials and equipment. Difference between Opaque and Transparent soap base, Color and Fragrance used for making soap. Difference between Aroma oils and Fragrance oil, Various methods to melt the soap base. Selection of the right temperature, Precautions to make the soaps. Below are some of the types of soaps I am learning to make:

- Oatmeal Cinnamon Scrub Soap
- Cinnamon Rosemary Scrub Soap
- Chamomile Oatmeal
- Fruity Oatmeal
- Almond Honey
- Brown Sugar scrub soap

Plain cold process Soap making: 

Introduction about the soap base, moulds, raw materials and equipment, knowledge of color and fragrance used for making soap, difference between Aroma oils and Fragrance oils, Concept of cold process, Introduction to lye, knowledge of various oils for cold process method. Selection of the right temperature, precautions to make the soaps.

Some of the soaps I will be making:
- Plain soap
- Moisturizing soap
- Coco Butter soap
- Almond
- Neem soap

Aromatherapy candles:

- Introduction to different waxes
- Other materials used for candle making (color, wicks, perfumes, molds)
- Characteristics of waxes
- Burning Instructions of candles and Safety of candles.

I will be learning how to make candles for Relaxation, Mood uplifting, Concentration Development, De-Stress and Meditation.

Shampoo making

Introduction about the Raw materials used for shampoos.

Below is what I will be learning to make:
- Basic method of Plain Shampoo
- Shampoo for oily hair
- Dry hair shampoo
- Egg shampoo
- Shampoo with Conditioner
- Pearly Shampoo
- Jojoba Shampoo

I think I discussed that my plan for after completing my studies is to open my own Wellness and Beauty center. With the above knowledge make and sell my own products. I already make my own body butters, body oils, hair oils and hair butter. So I thought why not learn more and expand on what I already know.

Blessings, Peace and Studies


  1. Ohhh girl you are truly living an amazing dream. I so know you will have that wellness center. These are really great studies and not to mention learning from the source.

  2. Thank you so much, I really am Blessed even after everything that's happened, I am still enjoying my studies and truly love what I am learning!!!!!

  3. Looking forward to it and to you sharing your amazing shampoo recipes/concoctions.

  4. Ohhhhh me too that's next week's classes, this week I am doing the soaps.


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