Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fasting update

'A fast is not a hunger strike. Fasting submits to God's commands. A hunger strike makes God submit to our demands'. Edwin Louis Cole

Hi all

I have  successfully completed 10 beautiful days of Juice and Water Fasting.

 In the mornings, I would slowly drink warm (hot till drinkable) water then about noonish have fresh fruit juice. Always sipping slowly.

 Around lunchtime, I would drink hot water  mixed with juices of  2 lemons and two or three teaspoons of honey, slowly sipping that.

Then late afternoon, fruit juice again and before going to bed warm water. I would continually drink water throughout the day. This was my basic structure.

Am proud, seriously so proud because those first 3 days were hard, I thought about giving up. I slipped once and had soya ice cream but my supervisor said it was fine since it was in liquid form and not full cream. I just did it  that once and never again!!!!!  Afterwards it was smooth sailing!!!!!

 Bonus bit?  I lost 6 kgs.

 Now I am not sure if I lost that due to Fasting because the last time I jumped on the scale was in Sweden.  I will just say, since I have been in India I have lost 6kgs. I know weigh a beautiful 60kgs. I am seriously happy about this because I haven't seen 60 in about 5 or 6 years people!!!!! And my goal is to be 50kgs. Hopefully before my 30th birthday which is in May.

What I have started now is Yoga. I joined a Yoga center and have begun taking Beginner Yoga lessons and I love it. In the evenings I do my Pilates exercises. So I am stretching out my left leg (just a little bit left), toning my body and getting flexibility in my spine and overall getting healthier. And of-course loosing weight. I am not trying to push myself, just do little by little.

 Today I started to break my fast. I ate some water melon and a small banana (I was told to eat an apple but I really craved a banana) and I drank warm water and normal water.

Tomorrow, will be having a raw vegetable salad - maybe some cucumbers, carrots, lettuce etc. Will still eat fruits and continue with the warm water in the morning and evening.

Friday - steamed vegetables like spinach, carrots and 1 potato.  Fruits and raw veggies as well and water.

Saturday - I may have my first full real meal. Not sure if I want to start again with chicken or fish. I may opt for a total vegetarian meal. But I know, I have to make something with either no seasoning or next to nothing seasoning.

By Next week, my stomach should be ok to try and eat what I was used to but with some adjustments. Like definitely no gassy drinks till May, no alcohol - I have tried a beautiful Indian red wine (that I still want to blog about) so that will have to wait until May as well. I may or may not go back to chicken and fish. But Meat is definitely a no no. As is cow milk. I have found and fallen in Love with Soya Milk and Soya Ice cream. Not sure about cheeses, sour products e.g olives. Sweets, cookies, crisps. Not craving anything right now, but still, I bought some before my fast lol hahahhaha.
Will see what happens. Ultimately I want to go in a vegetarian direction perhaps even eating according to my  Ayurvedic dosha.

One thing I noticed about my Fast is that my skin was breaking out which I knew would happen as toxins were leaving my body and this was one way that my skin is getting rid of unhealthy toxins. Also, my bathroom situation was very regular- ummmm ya. Lets not go into too much detail. However I did find myself doing a lot of number 1 but that's because I was drinking a lot of water. My skin is now more radiant, glowing and smoother, but that's also because I have been using my Shea Butter, Argan oil, Jojoba oil mixed with Aloe Vera Gel that contains Green Tea and Vitamin E oil body butter. As well as washing my face and neck the Aloe Vera & Honey with apple & papaya extract Facial bar and  deep pore Cleansing Milk with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E as well as Rose Water toner  ( products bought from my internet haul) over my face and neck.

I have had a lot more energy with this Fast. Practically jumping from the rooftops!!!!!  My concentration levels have been beyond amazing and also my overall wellness has vastly improved. I am more chilled out, less stressed and more mellow than I was before I started.

Note: Important. I have been Fasting and doing Detoxing for a while now, so my body is used to it. Please please please Do Not FAST Without proper supervision or consulting your doctor. I am not a professional medical expert. What works for me, may and may not work for you. I don't advocate Fasting as a way to loose weight in the least. I was doing it because I have certain food allergies and over time I have built up toxins in my stomach and I use Fasting & Detoxing to clear my body of these toxins & build up my stomach linings as well as for Personal / Spiritual reasons. Fasting helps me control my will power and look beyond food as well as get in touch with my Inner being. Its part of a larger picture that I do with my body, mind and spirit. The reason why I am blogging about my Fasting update  is to document my progress and achievement. I am extremely proud of myself. This is my first Fast for 2012 and by myself. Normally my sister and I, Fast or Detox together so we have someone for support. So this was huge for me.

That is all.

Blessings, Joy and Peace


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