Monday, April 8, 2013

My baby's journal

'Listen, dear diary, I will tell you what I will tell no one else'. - Ella Gertrude Clanton

Hi everyone

So we have made it to 36 weeks and according to my app, I am as big as a watermelon!!!!!! I certainly feel like it, will hopefully take some maternity pictures in the next few days. This is just a quick post about what I have been up to over the course of my pregnancy. And that is keeping a journal. I have always had diaries as a young girl, so when I got pregnant, I wanted a keepsake for my baby to one day have and read and look through. Here is what I have. 

My baby Journal and the ultrasound pictures to go into it. 

The front cover

Some of the sub-sections to be filled out

This page will be filled out soon!!!!!!!

Cant wait to add these to my book.

Home picture goes here...

First night at home!!!! Cant wait for this day, seriously!!!!

Last week Friday, my mom, my dad and I went to my last sonar scan before the big day, my midwife wanted to check how big Afropean Baby is and how much room is left. My mom and my partner had already been and I wanted to share this experience with my dad. During his and my mom's time, there were no such things (words from my mom). So this was really special and to make it even more so, Baby proudly showed the goods (or lack thereof) by opening the legs wide!!!!! This child is not shy.

Below is the scans I got to keep and earlier ones.

Face - eyes, mouth and nose. (sometimes I can see it but now not so much) 

Babies head, nose and mouth. Cute little nose.

My favorite one!!!! Love that little hand.

Apart from keeping a journal, I also opened a Hotmail account and I write emails to my baby. These include my feelings, pictures and anything interesting that Baby may want to know about later on in life. My family history, how I met my Boo, what he is like, hopes and dreams for Baby Afropean etc. I love these two ways of 'communicating' this special time with my unborn child.

Ok, so thats it. Off to bed now, midwife meeting tomorrow morning.

Peace, Love and Memories

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