Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hair today part 2

'Life is all about taking chances, appreciating the memories, learning from the past and finding happiness'. - Sushan Sharma


Finished with my hair and am totally happy with the results!!!! I didn't do my own hair, my lovely Nigerian friend C did it for me and she did an amazing job!!!!! Will hopefully keep this in for up to 8 maybe even 10 weeks depending on how I feel. I plan on making an oil mixture for my scalp but for now am seriously happy. Here are pictures of my new hair-style.  

Me and my braids

Nice, neat and tight

Side view

I have also uploaded my watermelon sized tummy at 36 weeks and 4 days!!!!! We are almost full term!!!!

My wonderful bump. 

I cant really see my feet anymore.

Am so glad this is now done, its such a weight off my shoulders, having not to deal with my hair and a new born. Seriously. I just couldn't manage it. So having it braided made a lot of sense for me.

Ok, so just want to have a little list of what I still need to blog about before the Big Day.

- Maternity pictures (coming soon)
- Pregnancy symptoms I have had
- Baby products part 2
- Baby corner
- Hospital bag
- Last minute shopping / stocking up
- Labor music playlist

Yep, as long as I have a list I know what I need to do lol. So now we all on the same page, there are 7 special baby related posts coming up. Hope you guys are not too sick of pregnancy related posts yet. At this point I really cant even think of anything else to post about, its all Baby Baby Baby around here.

So thank you for reading and lurking on my Blog.

Peace, Joy and Hair

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