Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hair Today

'Be prepared, work hard and hope for a little luck.  Recognize that the harder you work and the better prepared you are the more luck you might have'. - Ed Bradley 

Hi everyone!!!!

So 14 days left and its getting real up in here!!!! One more midwife appointment and sister coming next week, then the week afterwards, meeting with my medical staff and then on the 24 the BIG DAY!!!!!  So to get ready for this and everything else, I am in the process of getting my hair braided. I plan on keeping these braids for 8 to 10 weeks if possible. Pregnancy has done some major changes to my hair, firstly its broken off at my temples and nape, secondly its extremely dry and bristle at the ends even though I keep that moisturized and well trimmed. I have split ends that go into 3's and then knots at the ends. The one positive thing is that my hair is very thick and seems I have a lot more of it. My color is still fabulous. 

I decided to first oil my hair with castor oil and de-tangle. Then I washed my hair with a tea-tree oil based shampoo afterwards I wanted to use the L.O.C method ---- which is Liquid, Oil and Cream before styling. 

I used water for my liquid and Castor oil for my oil. I then used my shea butter mix that I recently blogged about as my cream. Then I wanted to do a roller-set, but being 8 months pregnant and my concentration levels ain't so high lol. So I decided to instead do a bantu knot and then comb that through and get my hair braided. Onto pictures. 

My bantu knots

See that grey? Not happy

Gorgeous knots

unraveling them...

This color is a combination of my real hair color and the red henna application I had done in India. 

More grey hair!!!!! Urggggggg

Curly Head

So am now getting my hair braided and then will put together an oil mixture for my edges, scalp and length of the braid. I cant wait to see what my postpartum hair is going to look like. I mean pregnancy hair wasn't so great, so am hoping afterwards looks fabulous. Either way, like my dad said his great grandmother used to say, even dogs shed hair.

Okay darlings, am off, need to finish this hair and then will come back with braided hair pictures.

Love, Kisses and Knots

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