Friday, May 6, 2011

Two Strand twist and curl - revisited

'Hair style is the final tip-off, whether or not a women really knows herself'
- Herbert de Givenchy , Vogue July 1985

Ok, so I really wanted to retry the two strand twist and curl ( I washed my hair and then twisted with a leave in conditioner and my Castor Oil infusion and Shea Butter at the ends. Then I used straws and bobby pins to curl the ends)

Now the pictures below are day 5 hair.
So I am really really happy about it. I have yet to re twist or even oil my scalp. Its not dry or itchy. Its just perfect. My night time routine is wrap my hair is a scarf and go to sleep. In the mornings I just fluff it out and I am good to go. I Am totally loving this style for a couple of reasons
1) Low Maintenance
2) I can do different styles with it e.g tie it back with a head band, bun it, Mohawk, half up & half down and an up do.
3) I seems easy to redo - just re twist the hairs that need twisting.
4) Its a protective style, in a way, that its off my shoulders and if I don't want to brushing up against my clothes then I do an up do or tie it in a bun on top of my head.
5) Its cute!!!!!!!!!!! Important factor this one.......

So I guess, I will remain with this style for a while and alternate with cornrows, wash 'n go's and maybe braid my hair towards the end of summer will see how Autumn is. For now, this is my go to style.

Joy, Love and All Things Hair


  1. You did a good job.
    Really lovely

  2. awwwwwww shucks, Thank You very much. I do try. This style has been the hardest for me, but I promised myself I would master it. Wasnt gonna let some hairstyle get the better of me....No ways.Jose.

  3. I saw your pictures on Curly Nikki. Your hair is really beautiful. You also have a beautiful spirit. You can tell a lot about a person when they are willing to cut all their hair off. After you were bald, did you ever get your hair trimmed again? or did you do your own ends ? Thanks so much for being on the wold wide web.

  4. Hi Sandra, Thank you for your kind words. In 09 after My last big chop, i had the sides shaved again for à funky Toni Braxton-ish do and just let My grow from that and only this year did i again trim My hair, so since 09 december till about March 2011 I left it alone. In 09 My hair was cut by à stylist and this year My sister did it, NeXT time I plan on cutting My own hair (only because I get à little nervous with scissors around My head) ;)


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