Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shoes for days!!!!!!!

'If the shoe fits, buy it in every color'
- Author Unknown


Its official ladies, I am in the running for the 2011 World record of most shoes (in my head). Anyhooooo, I bought some sweet little numbers for my feet. I figured, I have been pampering them, wore some sexy red nail polish so I needed new shoes to show off my gorgeous feet and here we have 'em. I gotta say it feels good getting shoes in my size even though some stores are hating on the petite sized feet......But I am at a Happy place in my heart, so I won't let that stop me. Onto pictures, because I wanna show them off ;-)

These go with almost any colour.

My new favorite shoes!!!!!!!

So yep, my shoe collection is growing and growing.

Blessings, Love and Red Nail Polish


  1. Shoes are kind of the best. They pull things together and set the tone for an outfit. I really dig the gladiator sandals especially!

  2. They are cute right? And so very comfortable, I am going to check if i can get them in another colour maybe black.


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