Friday, May 6, 2011

And it tells the Time!!!!!!!!

'Sisters are different flowers, from the same garden'
- Author Unknown

Hi again,

My darling sister got me an early Birthday Gift - I turn 29 on the 25 of May (which is also Africa Day). So she bought me this cute ring which doubles as a watch because you know........ I ain't never on time and I use my cell to know what time (and sometimes day) it is (but doesn't everybody?). I love it because it so cute firstly and its totally me. I just screams out my name. Plus I just love checking out the time on it. Here is my little gem......

I love gifts that are practical and completely show off my personality. Something that someone went into a store and said wow 'Now that is Totally ...... insert name here.

Ohhhhh, in case you were wondering if this was the only gift, little sis is getting me, the answer is No. She is getting me something for my real real Birthday. I mean she has toooo (I am almost off the calender---- slowly making my way) besides
1) she is a follower, so hint hint wink wink (just joking......)
2) Her birthday is coming up later in the year (this would count greatly towards her unwrapping) Whether she will receive 1 or 2. (just joking again.....)

Me just sayin.......... I kid, I kid.

Love, Joy and Sisters


  1. I had to click funny and interesting. Why? We share the same birthday! *Smile*
    You have a great sis, she has started the birthday celebrations early.

  2. Nice one, so that Smile is a Gemini smile huh!!!!!???? Whats your plans for your (our) special day. Or you like me, make plans closer to the day......basically I don't know yet.


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