Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sharing my Hair Journey

Hi and Good Morning

So, I came back from a long day of hanging out with my sister (which is why there is a lack of posting - she is leaving on Friday for the summer and we are trying to spend as much time together as possible) to find I have new comments and new followers, which is totally cool because they saw my big bald head on curlynikki!!!!!!! A blog that has truly inspired me and taught me more about just hair. So, hello to all the people passing through here, Thank You very much for taking your time to check out my little spot in the blogsphere!!!!!!!!!

Here is a link to curlynikki, in case you would like to walk down memory lane with me.

To my new followers, my blog is basically about me, my hair journey, living in a new country and the experiences and challenges that come with that, my leg ( I 'used' to suffer from a medical condition which had resulted in one leg being shorter than the other and no hip joint - but now my leg has grown and I started wearing proper normal shoes for the first time in my life this year - so there are a few posts about shoes), there's Nico/Rocco/Bruno and Desi ( those are my camera's and phone - I am a namer (I like to name stuff...... I can't explain it)) and everything else. Have a look around and feel free to comment and ask questions.

Peace, Blessings and New Beginnings


  1. Love your post on CN! And, our day is getting closer! And specific plans on how you will spend your day?

  2. Hi twin, well I found new grey hairs so perhaps this year, I Will spend this day dyeing My hair!!!!!!!!!! I think that is the best gift I can give myself this year. Apart from that, no other plans what about you? Do you have any plans? Ohhhhh I saw your feature, I swear you were speaking the truth about hair and maturity.

  3. NO YOU WON'T!! That was to dying your hair! Nope, nothing concrete on my side...breakfast/brunch or something with a group of friends is up in the air. Oh the feature, thanks, Chica. Yeah, it was one of those days when I wrote that.
    So keep your journey on full throttle!

  4. Hey chica, in true Gemini fashion something just fell into my lap so it looks like I may have Birthday plans after all. For now, let's just I am packing a suitcase......... Have a fabulous weekend. Ohhhjjj and my grey hair is safe for now dum dum dummm (cue mystery music lol)


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