Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Health Benefits - Aloe Vera

'Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity' .
- World Health Organisation

Good morning all

So recently I blogged about the benefits of Aloe Vera for hair and skin. But did you know that you can also greatly benefit from drinking it as well? Well, I didn't until my sister told me about it. So I did some research and here is what I found out......

- Aloe Vera gel contains 19 of the 20 amino acids needed by the body
- Aloe Vera gel contains group B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Folic acid
- Minerals found in Aloe Vera include calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, chromium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc as well as enzymes and sugars.
- Aloe Vera is known to be anti-inflammatory
- Aloe Vera stimulates Fibroblasts (which are specialized cells found in the skin that produce fibers such as collagen and elastin) to reproduce faster - thus aiding in healing wounds
- Aloe Vera Gel provides nutrition to feed the basal cells - thus skin is healthy
- It is said that drinking Aloe Vera Juice (gel) regulates weight and energy levels
- It aids in a healthy digestion - its good for the digestive tract
- Its good for dental health and hygiene
- Supports the immune system
- Improves skin
Many more benefits.

Overall, Its great!!!!!!!! So here is what I got.

I started with one of these.

This is the consistency of the Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel. Its the one I have started drinking.

I ain't gonna lie, the taste was sourish (I guess its an acquired taste that I will have to acquire huh), so I topped it with Orange juice - I plan on drinking in the morning and at night, I will pour a small amount into my glass and top with juice. OK, so I got the stuff to drink, now what am I hoping to gain from this drink....
1) Great skin
2) Regulate my 'situation' - I really don't want to get into what 'situation' (I hope you all get me)
3) If it helps with weight loss, then Its solid gold for me.
4) Dental health and dental hygiene is a plus (I am an ex smoker- so this here will come in handy).

Overall, I am moving in a new direction with my body, skin and hair. A more natural way of living. So I am hoping this will greatly improve in all areas - hair, skin, nails and the inner workings in my body.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Forever Living. Actually, I am not affiliated with anybody !!!!!!!! Also, please note everything, I test and try out, I firstly do my own research and come to my own conclusion. Please do not take my word as law. All this stuff is new to me too. I am no expert - shoot I had to Google and Wikipedia some of those big words. Boy, if only my science , biology and sports teachers could see me now. They would be so proud.

Here are links to help you learn more about Aloe Vera.
Forever Living (only because this is what I am drinking)

Peace, Light and Sharing

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