Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My cool brother and my cool gift

'Apparently we love our own cell phones, but hates everyone else's'.
- Joe Bob Briggs

Hello all

So a few months ago, I told my brother in passing that my phone had seen its last days. It kept dying after I had just charged it, I would get sms's from days ago, it would switch on and off by its self. Basically, it was dying a slow painful death. And I was holding on for dear life.

Now, my brother he is a sweetheart - last week, he asked me if I wanted my gift now or later because it was a gift I need at the moment. How is a Queen suppose to answer that? So I told him, brother man, get to gettin' and he surprised me with a brand new phone!!!!!!!! I literally had tears in my eyes. I was firstly shocked that he remembered and secondly that he bought me such an extravagant gift........

Just a little tidbit - my momma raised us kids to always look around for a good bargain. Shop around and you will find something somewhere else cheaper or better. So when my bro was strolling in the mall, he came across a promotion on these phones. Before they were selling for 500 bucks and now had been marked down to 130 bucks (roughly converting from Swedish Kroner to US dollars). Nothing wrong with the phone, all brand new. Apparently, the shop had ordered too many and were now basically 'giving' them away. So My brother scored. Well actually we both did. He bought me the phone 2 weeks ago. This past Saturday we went back to the store to get another one and the original price had returned. So this was really a win.

htc Desire
This is mine

I love it!!!!!!!!
Now, we are all family here, so I am gonna let you know some things about me. I took typing at school, I didn't take computer class. Technology as a whole scares me. Its too advanced for me. It goes above my head.

I mean, I only got my first laptop last year at the age of 27 (it took me a while to figure out the Desktop. Heck I didn't even know that was a word. I thought it was just the Computer), I got my first cell phone at 20. Shoot, my first Ipod was this year February and I am still learning to figure that one out at almost 30. Don't nobody ask me about an Ipad. I am a pen and paper kinda girl. So when my brother gifted me this amazing gift, I Google'd it (honey child- I may not know a lot, but I know Google is your friend).

Here's what I learned about my new baby - Htc desire (which I named Desi).
- its a smartphone and an Android. ( Don't ask me - according to my brother, thats good)
- I can watch, record and load videos on YouTube on it.
- has FM radio
- a camcorder
- Flashlight (you know and I know, we all use our phones for this)
-Google search
- Mail
- Latitude,
- maps
- news
- search people
- voice recorder,
- PDF viewer,
- Navigation
-connect to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr
- has gps
-updates the weather constantly
-Google maps
- WiFi, Bluetooth and WiFi hot spot
-Digital compass
- 5 mega-pixel camera with face detectably capabilities
- Auto focus and flash (this I know from photography)
And a whole lot more.

Then I did more extensive research (basically I Google'd some more). I know about Apps from my Ipod (and my brother) . Thats Applications to add to your phone or Ipod. So I got me some cool apps (boy, this techno talk is to cool)

- I got Horoscopes - Just because I swear there is a Gemini out there living my life. Because I know I am not strolling along the ocean holding hands with my soul mate, whilst money is raining down on me and being the center of attention at work. Anyways, I like to keep up with Said Gemini. Her life is amazing.
- Spotify (its a music sharing website)
- Recipes (because I love to look at the pictures)
-Blogger (ummmmm because I had to)
- Butt, abs and arms workout
- brain memory trainer
- TripAdvisor
- Hangman and Tic Tac Toe (because, I need something from my youth to take into my old age)
-drinks recipes (because in the unlikely event, I am called upon to mix drinks at a fancy do, I want to know what to mix)
- Swedish, French and Tourist phrases
- Adobe Photoshop express
And more

And my personal favorite: Beauty tips
This app gives tips on hair, skin, makeup, nails and healthy nutrition.
Like this gem for skin:' Wash your face with coconut water, it will leave your face clear and gives you glowing skin'.

So along with my watch-ring and my phone. I am good to go. All I gotta do is live that Fabulous Gemini life!!!!!!!

Ohhh, I have added a link, in case you want to know more about htc- desire.

Blessings, Joy and Technology


  1. This post had me dying with laughter. You have any other siblings? Do you like...want to lend me any of them?

    Girl, congrats on your new phone. You have to sit now and go teach yourself how to use all these apps. You are probably going to have a whale of a time. LOL!
    P.S. Next post, photo of siblings!

  2. Hey Lady, Thanks a lot. I have one picture of my sister (my other sis, lives in Namibia) I think its with the summer clothing, she is standing next to the 'White is the New Black' sign. But yep, I am loving this phone. I only today figured out how to put my own number in it. Its a process.....Will try and get my siblings for a picture. We are 4, 3 girls and 1 boy. How many are you?


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