Saturday, March 24, 2012

Threading Love

'Live each day as if your life had just begun'. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Happy Saturday everyone

So I just got back from my first threading experience and wow am I sold!!!!!! Why didn't anyone tell me about threading?!!!!!! I mean, here I was tweezing my own eyebrows for years (actually - my sister used to do it for me but got sick of me squirming each time so, I was forced to learn to do it myself).

Perfect eyebrows.....
Hair is pulled into a messy bun and a ouch-less black band over. Very Boho chic.

Don't mind that big ole pimple on my face - its getting to 35 degrees over here and my skin is still getting used to everything.
Excuse the small bumps under my eyebrows, I literally just had this procedure done like 5 minutes ago from the market and my face is still raw. I just applied some shea butter to the area and its clearing up.

I won't lie, I was scared. I am a scaredy cat for new stuff which may or may not involve pain. But the lady who did my brows assured me that it was painless and fast. And it was. And cheap to boot. I only paid 20 INR (I wont even bother to convert that).

What the lady first did was to apply powder to the area she would be working on and then she tied the string around it self and held the end in her mouth - kind of like what you see in old movies when people are tooo scared to go to dentists? and tie a string around the tooth and the door handle? Exactly like that. Kinda. You get me.....?

It was a bit weird for me seeing the thread so I had my eyes closed throughout. The sensation was a bit tingly, I mean you definitely can 'feel' someone pulling out your hair, but its not painful. I think this will be my new thing, now I just need to learn how to do this by myself - Hello YouTube!!!!!!!!

Overall I am happy and I think this is a wonderful way to celebrate my first month in India!!!!!

Month Recap - coming soon.

Blessings, Love and Threading

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