Monday, March 5, 2012

My studies in India

'Study the past if you would divine the future'. - Confucius

Hi All

So today I am just going to do a quick blog post about what I am studying here in India.

At the moment I am taking an intensive course on Ayurveda - which is basically a system of Indian medicine. My classes include Theory - Basics of Ayurveda and Practicals - with emphases on Herb studies; Ayurvedic body massages; oil treatments for hair, skin and ailments; face massages; feet massages; Ayurveda Beauty treatments, Herbal steam bath; Yoga and traditional Indian Head massage and a few other treatments.

As the months progress, I will take courses in Reflexology, Basic Manual Lymph Drainage, Thai massage, and Swedish massage.

For now, my Ayurveda course is keeping me busy, we meet 6 days a week at a health center and we get models to practice on. We learn how to mix herbs and oils. I was really lucky to be given a face massage last week, which had me glowing through the weekend. So now, I am gonna spoil myself every Saturday with a Head and face massage.

So that's it. After all my courses, I will receive Indian Government approved Certificates and Spa Therapies Certificates. I may also do a course in hair, makeup application and nail care, but it will depend on the time.

My future goal and the reason why I am taking these courses and coming to India and a few other places (that will be revealed later) is too one day open my own Spa and Wellness Center in Namibia.

Yep yep, its not all just shopping, eating, and traveling for me. These next few months will be packed with studies, oils, herbs and male models. Ohhhh ja, got to work on a young male model this morning. I cant think of another way to start the week lol hahahhahahahha

Blessings, Joy and Ayurveda

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  1. I am currently studying in Bangalore. I have been here for 6 years!


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