Thursday, March 22, 2012

Handmade soaps

'Soap and Education are not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the long run'.- Mark Twain

Hi all

One of the great things about India for a naturalista like myself is all the wonderful handmade products. When I first got here, I was in need of soap (I had brought my own Aloe Vera body soap - but wanted to try something else) so at a local market I came across a hand made soap from a company called Khadi. The first one I bought was Coconut Milk and Honey. Let me just say it left my skin feeling smooth, silky and so fresh. Like this.

So fresh, so clean. No make up - Really!!!!!!!! Instagram makes me look so good!!!!!

So recently I went back and bought another Coconut Milk & Honey bar as well as Sandalwood and Neem & Aloe Vera.

Coconut Milk & Honey
Ingredients: Coconut (essential oil) Jojoba oil, Honey, Milk Cascein (cascein is the main protein found in milk and contains 21 amino acids), Glycerine, Castor oil, Rose water and Soap base (vegetable oils).

Neem & Aloe Vera
Ingredients: Aloe Vera (essential oil), Neem Extract, Glycerine, Castor oil, Rose water, Soap base (vegetable oils)

Ingredients. Sandalwood (essential oil), Glycerine, Castor oil, Rose water, Soap base (vegetable oils).

Here's the thing I like about these soaps, I know exactly whats in them. And that I like. Since I started making and mixing my own body butters, hair oils and creams, I have become a little bit 'obsessed' with what products I put onto my skin. I seriously look at ingredients now lets just forget that little Herbal Essences conditioners haul that I just bought the other day m'kay?!!!! lol.

But y'all get my drift. I like knowing what I am putting inside my body and over my skin. I also like being able to identify and know what the benefits are in whatever product I am using. It makes me feel like I am really doing something good for my body. But that's just my thoughts. Thats how I feel. Now all I need to do is LEARN how to make my own soap and conditioners and I am done!!!!!!!

Note: I am not affiliated with Khadi, I am only sharing my experiences with their soaps on my blog. Sharing is caring. I bought these soaps with my own money. Please note, everything on my blog is about my thoughts, my findings and my own research. Not everything is for everyone. I do for me and share on here what my experiences have been. What works for me, may not work for you and vice versa.

Blessings, Love and Freshness


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