Friday, March 23, 2012

First Ever Bantu Knot Out!!!!!!!

'We all have good hair- as long as its healthy'. - Anon

Happy Friday everyone!!!!!

So yesterday I decided to put my hair into Bantu Knots, now I have tried this before and lets just say it was a major Fail!!!!! But ever the optimist, I gave it no more shot and this morning pleasantly surprised upon unraveling my knots. Granted I looked like a little curly Su doll, least its my own curls right?!!!!!

My mop top lol

Check these waves........

I made a curly......

I have my hair tied to the side with an ouchless band

Only three products used!!!!!

Products used:
Shampoo: Schwarzkopf Gliss - hair repair , total repair shampoo (first time using it). 'Cell repair system with 19 active ingredients. It reduces hair breakage by up to 90%, provides resistance and healthy shine as well as appropriate for daily use'.

Conditioner: (which I used as a leave in) Herbal essences ---- Totally twisted curls and waves conditioner with a fusion of wild cherry twist and jewel orchid.'Lushly defined waves begin with a high intensity moisturizing conditioner. It helps to remove the frizz factor and replenish vital moisturizers to keep your curls bouncy and beautiful'.

Oil: Dabur Anmol - pure coconut oil. I dabbed some on my fingers and first applied in the open areas around my knots and then added more to my finger tips as I unraveled my hair. Afterwards I just applied as needed to my hairline, behind my ears and nape of my back.

Three products and my hair is soft, shiny, bouncy and seriously smelling GOOODDDD!!!!!!

I will definitely do this style again, only this time with smaller knots. I want to see how that works out. I may have found a replacement for my mini twists!!!!!!

Have a great weekend y'all!!!!!

Joy, Love and Waves

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