Tuesday, March 27, 2012

5 lipsticks for 50 Euros?!!!!

'Lipstick is really magical. It holds more than a waxy bit of color, it holds the promise of a brilliant smile, a brilliant day, both literally and figuratively'. Roberta Gately

Good Day Everyone

So recently I bought 5 new lipsticks for myself....... I went to the mall and was just browsing as you do and decided to get new lip colors since my mom and my sister took mine (ja, they never go shopping and the one time I do, they like my stuff and 'promised' to either refund me or buy the lipsticks for me - STILL WAITING). But they fam, so its ok........moving along....here is what I bought.

4 from Max Factor and 1 from Deborah Milano

Max Factor - Burnt Caramel (745)

Max Factor - Mystic Mocha (760)

Max Factor - Mulberry (685)

Max Factor - Ruby Tuesday (715)

Deborah Milano - Rossetto Milano Red (11)
Very happy with my buys!!!!

I also got a seriously lovely and biggish makeup bag included (it was for free - but I say I paid for it ). All that is left is eyeliner, some eye-shadows, blush, mascara, more glosses, maybe some concealer and foundation. I am not the type to wear full makeup, I can count on one hand where I have had on the full works - ONCE for my high-school prom/matric farewell----11 years ago!!!!!!and ever since its only eyeliner, some eye-shadow and lip-gloss.

So I figured since I am here and everyone kinda has the same complexion as me, why not use this opportunity and get the full works.

Even better, I am looking for classes where I can learn how to apply make up and do hair professionally!!!!!! Taking my time here very seriously and learning everything that I can, 6 months isn't as long as you think!!!!!

Blessings, Peace and Lipsticks


  1. I have never used any of those brands, but I love them all. The Burnt Caramel for sure is very much me, I LOVE nude shades. Then on the extreme, the rich colour of the Ruby Tuesday is also a nice one. I am not a red lipstick girl AT ALL.

    Those shades are lovely, Chris.

  2. I love the nude shades as well. But for me the red was a 'ify'- I just said got for it!!!!!!Its so out there kinda thing you know!!!!


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