Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Words!!!!!

Hi all

I have no words to describe this feeling, I cant even find a quote. And I will add a special picture when the time comes.

 But I just want to shout out RED Bottoms!!!!! Yes, this morning whilst reading the morning Delhi Newspaper, I saw that Christian Louboutin is opening his second store here. He already has one in Delhi.


I just died!!!!!!

I love his shoes, I Need a pair in my life and well, I am NOW making it my life's mission to get my First Pair. I want more than one of course, but lets begin with just one shall we?

Now, we all fam here, so lets say a Prayer for me, that I will find a pair in my size?!!!!!!! Ohhhhh and my Birthday is coming up, how great will that be to have a pair for my 30th!!!!???

I don't even know if I will sleep tonight, tomorrow I am off to his store to check out his shoes.

Blessings, Joy and Red Bottoms


  1. Prayer said!
    I have said one for myself, too. I think his shoes are sexy! I wish a pair for myself as well :) lol lol lol

  2. Girl, I can hardly sleep. Check out his store, just Google Christian Louboutin Store New Delhi. Am seriously hoping they let me take photos!!!!!!! But ja, will say a prayer for you toooo!!!!!


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