Friday, March 30, 2012

Dresses for days!!!!!

'The finest clothing made is a person's skin, but, of course society demands something more than this'.
Mark Twain

Hi All, 

So yesterday I went shopping for new dresses (my mom will be so proud, I wear dresses maybe once or twice every few months - Not often).

Color blocking on my way to the mall. My hair was tied up in individual braids and then twisted into a bun. 

These pictures show just a small corner of the shop I went to called Pantaloons.

What I went home with.

This photo doesn't do this dress justice, its got this 'Gold' border all around, as well as the buttons. And it ties at the back. Its more of an evening wear dress.

 simple yet stylish over black leggings

what I would call a 'homey' dress.  

These next dresses are the three I picked up from the market.

 Another evening wear dress. 

Wow, still cant believe I bought such a color but it looks great on me, lol

My Favorite. I love the detailing on this dress.  

 All these dresses can be worn over leggings or just as is. For me, they come just to my knees. Ohhhhhh and I bought new leggings one black pair and one brown pair.

 So that's it, all that is missing now is some Saree's, some Shalwar Kameez (which is a 3 piece suit) and some Pashmina's scarfs, shoes and I am done. 

Blessings, Joy and Dresses


  1. I like these tees in the other post, but these dresses are beautiful!!!! They seem so easy to wear and I can think of some chunky accessories that I have to accentuate them. Simple yet lovely.

  2. They really are great, I wanted other types, but then I remembered I need clothes which are light, airy and can be dressed up or down with a good heel, accessories and great hair. Not a bad start for my dress collection.


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