Saturday, March 24, 2012

30 days in India

'Life is a journey not a destination'. - Anon


So here is my thoughts on my first 30 days here in India and thus far only in New Delhi. I didn't really know what to expect when I first landed, I knew a few things
1) I would be staying with someone from Namibia
2) It will get Hot here
3)Most people told me its like Nigeria - filled with people, markets, spicey food and seriously overwhelming at times.

Everything else I Google'd or saw on YouTube. That's it.

So I packed my laptop, my camera and a small suitcase with very little clothing as hand luggage and a bigger suitcase with cosmetics (which I now regret) coz I could have bought everything here for much cheaper except for Shea butter and pure Aloe Vera gel!!!!!!

Off to London I flew from Stockholm and later I was on my way in a very empty airplane to New Delhi!!!!!! Seriously I had like the whole row to myself, plus the two in front an behind me.

The good

The people here are fabulous.
Beautiful and seriously friendly.
Very helpful. Maybe its because I just meet nice people where ever I go. But thus far have met nice people from my school, to shop keepers to people walking in the street.

My first experience of me crossing the road (seems like ages now) I was scared shit-less and a man asked me if I was new? then he smiled at me and told me just cross, cars wont stop for me!!!!! He walked with me till I got to the other side. Another experience was when my bus stopped in the middle of my journey home and everyone got off - I was told that this was the end and again a local man helped me get to my final destination. He could tell I was almost at tears, since I seriously didn't know what was going on (everyone was speaking either Hindi and their own dialect).

I love everything here, from the buildings, the food, to the clothes to the way people speak so fast - I do the same, so I totally get it lol hahahhahahha

The bad ( for me)

So many dogs!!!!! Stray dogs and stray cats (but mostly dogs) now I know I told y'all I like dogs but I am not a fan. And coming to a place a that has sooooo many stray dogs!!!!!! They keep to themselves and whatnot but still!!!!!

'White tax' (not sure if that's what its really called ) but basically its the prices that Non Indian or foreigners pay for almost everything. Food, clothing at the markets, entrance for sites - Taj Mahal 750 for non Indians and 20 for Indians. That sort of thing. It irks me, because even though when converting the prices into Euros or Dollars its nothing, but when living on a budget or being a student, it sucks. Majorly!!!!!!

Example: I was looking for leggings - simple black leggings. I went to a market and found a few, I figured hey I can buy 3 or 4 pairs. Now I know I have to bargain (negotiate the prices anyways so no biggie). the first price was 400 then I told the guy 250, he went to 350 and I explained to him that I wouldn't just be buying 1, I wanted 3, 4, 5 even....... so we went back and forth. Then an Indian women came and looked at black leggings then she paid 100 Rupees for it. And walked away, I stood and just looked at the seller and asked him why you charging me 250 but she gets 100 and I want 3 or 4 leggings?!!!! Lets just say I walked away empty handed and he didn't get my money.

Western Toilets. Nuff said. I try and go to places that have a sign that says 'Western Toilets'.

I have not been out to clubs or whatnot and I don't really miss it. However, I do kinda miss being comfortable in my own clothing. I don't like being so covered up especially as it gets hotter and hotter.

The language - as much as lots of people speak English here, that's really not the true case. It could also be because of my skin color and people think I am Indian and begin to speak to me. So the language is a slight barrier in everyday life.

The Ugly

Time Difference and Long distance from my family and friends sucks. I miss everyone. I have moments of home sickness but at least I have Skype, Facebook and Hotmail. But still being this far away sucks.

Also ..... how do I put this delicately.

Ummmmm I am still not used to spicy foods and well my system is still till now getting used to food over here. Its not pretty.

The heat, I hear it can get up to 45 degrees over here. And beyond. I am hoping that's a lie but I can feel the heat and boy is it hot.

There are other incidents that have been negative but I like to look at the positives and everyday is a new day to experience new things. And I don't stay in a negative mind-frame for long, so I don't dwell on it.

I prefer to have my glass have full if you will. Look forward.

That's really it. I have many more little stories but that going into my travel book (hint hint). I love it here, I really do its hard sometimes, I get frustrated because of waiting so long or things aren't like I am used to back home but all and all its been and continues to be a positive life changing experience.

Joy, Love and India


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