Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy 25 to my little Sister!!!

'A sister is both your mirror and your opposite'.
- Elisabeth Fishel

Good morning all,

So today, 28 October, my baby sister turns 25. Here are a few photos taken over the years.

In kindergarten
her first tattoo - at 17.
dawn photoshoot
Berlin photoshot - Nathan Wright photography


Modeling shot
This years Lifeball party - Vienna

The two of us.
Happy Birthday babygirl!!!!!! so what can I say about my sister that wont get me into trouble (she reads my blog)...... well she is quite a rebel, fire-starter (in a good way) and wonderful human being. She knows what she wants and normally does whatever it takes to get it. Almost nothing scares her, and she has an inner strength that inspires me. Apart from being my sister she is also my best friend. She teaches me constantly, and always encourages me, she is my rock and my shoulder when things aren't going my way. She also tells it like it is.......Love you to bits.

Blessings, Joy and Sisters

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