Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12 - Dream house/space

'The house a women creates is a Utopia. She cant help it --can't help trying to interest her nearest and dearest not in happiness itself but in search for it.'
- Marguerite Duras


So here is my Day 12, of my 30 Day Blog Challenge. My dream house or space. Now, I dont really have a dream house, you see, I have lived in houses for most of my life and then I moved into a flat for 4 years and loved that experience. So I keep playing the ' if money were not a problem where would I like to live' game? Some days its a huge flat, other days its a small cottage and most days in a large house. However, certain things stay the same, in what ever scene I choose. These are.....

African themed Living room. Of course!!!!!!!!

A swing. don't know where I would put it. But it would be there.
Seriously colorful kitchen
Bay windows
Day bed with tons of pillows!!!!!

This I swear, is my dream bed!!!!!!!
The last two pictures come from this fabulous blog (An Indian Summer) that is my new guilty pleasure. Here is the link.

So, This would be part of my dream space. I would love to have a little area to meditate, a small garden to plant herbs, flowers and pot plants as well as a pantry. Not much huh?!!!!! Ohhhhh add a walk in closet, en suit bathroom.

Not to be strange, but I have certain rules for the place I want to move into...... No death in the house and No divorce either. I learned this from my mom. We never lived in a place that had had a death within the walls of the house nor a place that had a marriage break up in the home. Personally, I would also like a nice quiet street. I lived in a busy one when I lived in the flat. It was also above a bar (though I was friendly with the staff - the bar was opened 6 days a week- not good for my beauty sleep). And a place to park my mini cooper (that's my dream car).

Love, Joy and Day beds


  1. Ooooo! I loving the rich dark theme of picture #1. My living space must have those colours. The Bay windows, too mind you, especially in my bedroom.

  2. I love love love Bay windows, I just need to have a space with them. Its more for relaxing on a lovely arm chair and a good book, then anything else.

  3. Bay windows, day bed and swing..yes!!!

  4. Day bed, that's it. I love day beds!!!!!!!!


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