Thursday, July 25, 2013

Grandma knows best!!!!

 'A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher and a little bit best friend.'- Author known

Hi all

So with Maya teething her sleep routine has been turned upside down as has her patience. She only wants to be carried in someones arms  or pushed  in her stroller. Big problem!!!! She doesn't like the 'commercial' baby carriers we got her. Miss Maya doesn't like to be 'tied' up, she likes her arms loose and free and her legs dangling.

So Grandma said why not try to carry her with a //hanis (Tribal name for a baby carrier made from cloth in the Damara/Nama which is a Namibian dialect).    

 This is how my mom and countless other African mothers carry their babies. On the back.

 Fun fact, I am both Damara and Nama, as is Maya.

Maya on my moms back

Happy baby

Then my mom decided to make her own baby carrier. My mom is a seamstress as well as great cook. And here is her creation. 

Beautiful  //hana with a pillow for Mayas head. 

The 4 straps are to be tied around the front. 

Maya on mamas back. 

Happy baby

Sleepy and tired baby 

Very asleep

Out for the count

All she wrote folks!!!!

Maya totally loved her  //hanis!!!!

Her legs and arms were free and she had room to wiggle and make herself comfortable. The pillow by her neck gives her great support and is comfortable for her to lay her head against.

As for me, with my back issues? This is the best thing ever. Can hardly feel my 6,425 kilos of Love on my back. I am able to do house hold chores and get in a bit of exercise since this is the only thing that quiets my girl. Not to mention all the swaying movement and walking makes Maya tired and she falls asleep very easily.

 All in all, Grandma truly knows best!!!!

Happy Baby, happy Mama.

Note: If anyone is interested in purchasing an Ethnic Damara/Nama //hanis, please feel free to contact me on my gmail address  -

Peace, Love and Happy Baby

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